Can You Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Can You Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, Can not find the essential Facebook messages about business proposal from your colleague? Accidently erased the conversion between you and your lover from the Messenger app on your iPhone? Wish to restore the archived Facebook messages that were concealed after you clicked the "x" next to the conversion with a contact in the web browser on your PC?

Can You Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Then, you pertained to the best page. In reality, erased and archived Facebook messages can still be obtained if you know the particular approaches.

In this tutorial, 2 ways to discover back lost Facebook messages will be introduced:

1. Recover deleted Facebook messages from Messenger app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch utilizing an iPhone Facebook message healing tool;

2. Retrieve archived Facebook messages and make them visible.

The Best Ways To Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages from Android Phone/Tablet

Part 1: How to Recuperate Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on Android Device

When you erase Facebook messages, you might think they are gone, however there's still another copy of the exact same messages in your phone memory. For this reason, you can recover them back on your phone.

Action 1: Go to the storage/SD card. You will discover the Android folder, which holds all the information related applications.

Action 2: Enter the folder and tap on Information folder.

Action 3: Under Data folder you will discover the numerous folders related to all applications. Select "com.facebook.orca" folder which belongs to Facebook Messenger and just tap on it.

Action 4: Under the Cache folder you fill find the "fb_temp" folder. It has all the backup files related which are saved automatically by the FB Messenger.

Till now, the 4 simple steps can recover deleted Facebook messages on Android tablet.

Part 2: Ways To Archive Facebook Messenger Messages on Android.

Archiving messages on Facebook Messenger for Android tablet is an excellent choice to protect your messages for the future misery. It's basic and simply requires couple of efforts to go through the whole steps.

Action 1: Go to the Messenger and open your recent discussion list. Scroll to the contact, which you wish to archive and carry out long press. Following windows turns up.


Action 2: Select the archive and it will be transferred to archive that can be unarchived later on when you require it.

As you can see, archiving Facebook messages is pretty simple. You ought to discover that the archived messages are still in the Facebook Messenger.

Part 3: The Best Ways To View and Bring Back Archived Messages on Facebook Messenger.

As soon as you have archived the Facebook messages, they are trusted all the time. When you choose to view the archived message, you can describe the following guide on ways to restore archived messages on Facebook Messenger.

Action 1: Log into your account utilizing Facebook website and go to messages on left side of the task bar.


Action 2: A page opens showing list of your contacts with whom you conversed in the past. Go to the top right corner and click the Browse Messages. It would be better if you type user's name you wish to un-archive. Because, you already have actually archived the discussion, it will not appear in the list of conversation however simply click the name and proceed.


Action 3: Now go to the action menu, which will display all the actions you desire to take. Under the exact same you will discover Un-archive. Clicking it, your message will be un-archived and messages will be returned back to your Facebook Messenger.

With the above directions, you can see that to bring back deleted Facebook messages on Msessenger for Android is not difficult at all. You do not have to fret about erroneously erasing the Facebook messages, additionally, you can handle your messages totally free as you desire.

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