Facebook Com Full Site

Facebook Com Full Site | Are you aiming to open Facebook desktop website on a mobile device/browser and can not get the browser to do it? First concern would be, why are you attempting to do so? and second one would be how do you really do it.

There are a lot of various methods to in fact do so, but each and every technique is not guaranteed to work on all the smart phones and the browser. I will be guiding you through all the steps so bare with me and attempt out which on works for you.

Facebook Com Full Site

Method 1: Facebook Options

Whether you are logged into facebook via an internet browser, it ought to be a button on the top right (upgraded app) or leading left corner. This must raise the faacebook options and if you scroll to the bottom of it, you ought to see an option that reads "Desktop Site". Tap on that alternative and let the internet browser load up the facebook mobile full site for you.


Method 2: Web Browser Settings.

Regardless of what type of browser you have, you should be able to request a desktop version of the webpage that you have actually opened on the browser.

This must be the very same case for Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or even your default web browser.

- Open Facebook.com and login into your account.
- After the homepage is filled, open the options of the web browser. I put that in quotes just in case you donot get confused with Facebook settings and web browser settings.
- On the settings page, tap on "Request Desktop Website".
- Let it load and you must see a Facebook Complete desktop website on your mobile internet browser.
- You can now chat and use all the functions facebook's desktop version has.

If you are utilizing Safari web browser on your iPhone or iOs device, to ask for the desktop site do as following.

- Open Facebook.com

- Tap the share button and this should raise a brand-new window, select "Request A Desktop - Site" from the choices and Complete Desktop Version Facebook website must fill on your iPhone, iPad or ios gadget.

Keep in mind: Older phones may not have this alternative on their internet browser. Is your phone from 90's?? Keep checking out if Yes!!

Technique 3: Facebook Desktop Website URL.

Final approach, that is likewise widely trusted way to obtain to Facebook Desktop Site would be typing in the real facebook's desktop URL on the browser.

Tap the web browser's URL section and get in www.facebook.com/home.php" and push GO or go into.

- Open Facebook on your mobile internet browser as you generally would.
- After you've visited into your account, go to the URL area and go into "www.facebook.com/home.php" and tap go.
- You must now be presented with Full desktop site.

Keep your fingers crossed and you should have the ability to get to the desktop variation.

Method 4: Whatever.

Ok, so if none of the above pointed out techniques work on their own, attempt the combinations and give it another shot. It's much easier if you have a brand-new phone.

What you can do is:.

Go into the real URL and if you still get the mobile variation, Request the desktop variation on that.

Well, I still do not understand of opening a Facebook desktop site on a Mobile phone, however if you truly desire to, I hope this tutorial assists.

Such articles Facebook Com Full Site from my thank you for visiting hope can help you.