Facebook Video Download software Free

Facebook Video Download Software Free, Have you ever discovered yourself in a scenario where you needed to be able to download and edit a Facebook Live when you are on your smartphone?

If you host a Facebook Live on mobile you get the opportunity to save the video replay to your video camera roll. If you live stream to Facebook on desktop you will have the ability to access the replay from your Page or Profile.

However it may be that you host a Facebook Live and then delete the recording from your camera roll after you have actually transferred it to wherever you save your previous occasions.

Facebook Video Download Software Free

That is exactly what happened to my co-host for the Live Stream Experts. He found he was on his iPhone and had to download an edit among his previous live streams to share a clip with a colleague. He found that with the aid of a complimentary iOS app and another online tool he might download and conserve his Facebook Live and then edit it as required with other apps on his phone.

He shared the actions on Twitter and you can discover them in this curation here that we shared on the show.

I believed I would walk through the process myself to record it ought to I require to follow this method in the future.

Please note that you need to understand copyright-- I am not promoting that you download and edit material you do not have the rights to. Also you require to make sure that you have a good smart phone data connection and enough space on your video camera roll to be able to follow the process below.

The primary step you require to take is to download the MyMedia File Supervisor app from the iOS app shop.

Next include the browser section of the MyMedia app the url SaveFrom.net-- this will allow you to download the video from Facebook and then it will be saved into the MyMedia app, from where you can move it to other apps on your iPhone for modifying. In the screen shot below you can see how I browsed and found the SaveFrom.net site in the browser.

Now you require to get the url of your Facebook Live replay. Open the Facebook App and search for the video-- then click the share button.

I selected to download a video that my co-host had created to then create a short animation from a fun and unusual live stream he had taped.

Then you have to include the url to the SaveFrom.net site which will still be open in the MyMedia app.

You will then be asked to call your apply for your video download.

You will have the alternative to download the video to your video camera coming in SD or HD.

You will then find the downloaded live video file the the media folder of the MyMedia app.

To be able to edit the video, you require to download it to your camera roll (which is what I did) or open it in another app. This will enable you to modify the video, for instance, in my situation I trimmed the video, added a text overlay then converted the video into a brief gif that you can see here on Twitter.

If this is the first time you have actually downloaded a file from MyMedia to your cam roll it will ask for access.

Now you can modify your downloaded Facebook Live replay in other apps on your iPhone. Ensure that you delete the file from MyMedia if you wish to guarantee you do not have numerous copies of the video on your phone.

I have tried this technique with Twitter but have not been able to download a video from my own Twitter feed-- if you find out ways to do so with MyMedia and SaveFrom.net, do let me understand how you do so.

This may be a little cumbersome in terms of downloading, however I hope you will remember this technique, if you like my co-host, you remain in s situation where you have to edit a video and can only access it through your iPhone.

Thus the article Facebook Video Download Software Free thank you visiting from me hopefully can help you.