How to Reset Facebook Password with Reset Code

How To Reset Facebook Password With Reset Code, As a big social networking website, Facebook is commonly used by people from all around the world. In Facebook we can make friends, chat online, share pictures and so on. So, a Facebook user account is extremely important for individuals using this website.

And it will be annoying as soon as you accidently forgot your login password and can not access to your Facebook account. Therefore, you must know something about ways to Reset Facebook password when Forgot it.

How To Reset Facebook Password With Reset Code

1. Open facebook site in your internet browser and search for your facebook profile. Copy your facebook profile URL from the web internet browser's address bar.

2. Check Out the Facebook Password Reset page at Then paste your facebook profile URL (that you copied in the first action) in the very first text box on this password reset page. Click the Browse button to continue.

3. Facebook would look for the facebook account associated with that profile and reveal you the result. Click on the button labeled This is my account as shown in the following screenshot:.

4. In the next window, you might be able to see options about how you desire to reset the password-- through e-mail, through SMS or through a telephone call. Or it can just reveal a password reset button (like in my case) without any choices. Click the Reset Password button to proceed.

5. This would send you an SMS (text), a call and an e-mail message. The telephone call is optional and is typically an automated call that checks out the reset code for you 2 times. You can also inspect your email inbox for any facebook reset message and await any SMS message on your mobile phone.

The reset code is exact same no matter how it is sent out to you. It can take upto 30 minutes for you to receive a reset code. Type this reset code in the next page that opens in your internet browser, or simply click the reset link in the facebook e-mail.

Now you can follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password. After you have reset (changed0 your password, you can login to your facebook account utilizing your new password.

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