See who's Stalking You On Facebook

See Who's Stalking You On Facebook | Over the past couple of weeks a number of my trainees insisted they understand 'a method' to see who took a look at your facebook profile the most. Generally I do not care about such 'misconceptions' however considering that it didn't die and students didn't think my 'that's impossible to work' here a short post about it and the reason it will not work.

See Who's Stalking You On Facebook

The concept: Find out your facebook ID (if you do not know ways to do that, google it. Easy as 1,2,3), browse to your profile through your own ID, best click, open source code then see your 'stalker'.

Here are some screenshots that reveal how it needs to work.

1.) Navigate to your profile by means of your ID, best click and view page source.

2.) Look for the entry 'friendslist' in the source code.

And here the reason this DOES NOT WORK!

1.) Buddies and the personal data Facebook gathers from them and you is their greatest excellent. They would NEVER EVER EVER make it accesible and easy to discover out. If you can find it out like this, everybody else might discover it out too. Just believe about the issues this might cause. That's something Facebook would never ever want to occur because they would enter into lots of difficulty.

2.) This part of the source code does show some sort of a list, true. But it is rather likely that it reveals the pals you are more than likely to interact with. As you may now Facebook ranks your friends and the news you see and on wich position your friends appear on your interaction with them. So if you are likely to communicate with a good friend (say it's your sister or somebody you used to talk with a lot over the previous few days) this friend will make it to the top of the list. It is NOT the individual who visited your profile the last.

3.) If you do not think me, believe a few of the other geeks and Facebook addicts out there. Example:

Hope that assists and the myth of 'I understand who visited my profile last/ most' will lastly pass away.

Ways You Can Block A Facebook Stalker

1. Via Your Block Lists

You can obstruct both people and applications.

In Facebook, go to > Account > Personal privacy Settings and find the product called > Block Lists at the bottom of the page. Click the > Edit your lists connect to proceed.

On the following page you can go into Facebook users by name and email address and block them.

If there are a number of individuals with the same name, you will see a list of matching profiles. Click the > Block button next to the person you were looking for.

2. Via Their Profile.

On each Facebook user profile there is a > Report/Block this Individual link at the bottom left. Click this link and a window will pop up that enables you to make a selection.

For example, you might report the person for > Undesirable contact and check the box to > Block this individual. If you opt for the block, the name will appear in your Block Lists, as described above.

3. Via Their Messages.

If the person you wish to obstruct has actually sent you any messages, you can obstruct them by clicking the > Report link beside their name and the date the message was received. To see the link you need to open the message. When you click it, a window with additional options will pop up.

Note that no one you obstruct will be notified of the action. However, if they are on your pal list, they will be gotten rid of and your profile will not show up to them. Similarly, you won't be able to see their profile. You both will be invisible to each other, with the exception of third celebration applications.

If you inadvertently blocked someone, you can quickly get rid of the block. Go to your Block Lists and click the > Unblock link beside the person's name. You will be asked to verify. Unblocking an individual will not bring back a previous connection.

4. Eliminate Your Basic Directory Site Information.

If you have a major stalker, chances are they will just set up a brand-new Facebook account when you block them. In this case you need to think about making your profile private, so that complete strangers can not discover and bug you.

The very first thing you should do, is get rid of as much of yourself as possible from the > Basic Directory Information. Go to > Account > Privacy Settings and click on > View Settings.

On the following page you can define who can search and find you on Facebook, send pal requests or messages, see your good friend list, and more. For each product select carefully from the following choices: Everyone, Buddies of Friends, or Buddies Just.

Unfortunately, you can not entirely hide yourself. Facebook states that "your name, profile image, gender, and network are always open up to everyone." This explains why.

5. Tighten Your Personal Privacy Settings.

Besides limiting basic directory info, you ought to likewise limit who can see the things you are sharing. Go back to > Account > Privacy Settings and click the > Customize settings to adjust your > Sharing on Facebook options. You can likewise choose from a default setting.

A new page with a list of choices will open. Go through all the points and choose who you wish to see your posts, your individual information, or things others share with you. You can select from Everyone, Pals of Buddies, Buddies Just, or Customize each point and make the information visible to only yourself or hide it from particular individuals.


It goes without stating that Facebook is simply one medium through which an individual can stalk you. No matter how tight your personal privacy settings or how reliable individuals on your buddy list are, somebody identified to find and bother you still has the rest of the web at their disposal. Make certain to treat your personal details, your contact information, and your online personal privacy in basic like a raw egg.

If that's all we can tell about See Who's Stalking You On Facebook I hope this article was helpful thank you.