Change Cover Photo Facebook

Change Cover Photo Facebook, Changing your Facebook cover photo is quite simple. The large panorama at the top of your brand-new Facebook Timeline profile is the cover, and you can put any photo you like up there; it will be the very first thing anyone sees when they concern your profile page.

Change Cover Photo Facebook

Learning how to utilize Timeline is simple, and as customizing your page begins with the cover picture, selecting and downloading a copyright complimentary picture is a great place to start. Once you've done that, you can.

1. Click on the picture you wish to change.

2. Select "Change cover box".

3. Pick from 4 choices: Select from my pictures, Upload a photo, Reposition cover, or Eliminate cover.

4. Select the method you wish to include your image then select the picture itself.

5. If you do not like how the photo appears, you can drag it to rearrange it.

6. Save the modifications.

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