Change Name Of Facebook Page

Change Name Of Facebook Page - I just recently changed the name of my Facebook page from Diana Stone-- Hormone Imbalances Blog to Diana Composed. It was an easy process, however there were a couple of things along the way that Facebook decided to make a bit-- complicated.

So after several of you asked how to do this, I chose that it was much easier to discuss with screenshots and a step by step. You can click to enlarge any of these screenshots.

Change Name Of Facebook Page

First, click over to your FB page. Not your individual-- the one for your blog/business/site. Click Edit Page, then Update Page Details.

You'll be required to a screen that looks like this listed below. Click Edit to the right of your present page name.

Click Request Modification.

You'll see a type where you can request a name change. This is where it gets a little complex. However hang in there. Start to read and accept each of the terms Facebook has for name modifications.

Leave current name alone, fill in your brand-new page name in the "Desired" area. Make certain it follows the rules that you read. If you do not see the factor for your modification in the drop down, click other.

Below is where I practically gave up. As a blogger, I have absolutely nothing showing the address of my service-- and I wasn't going to send them a personal bill or something like that. So? I just skipped it. I figured if they needed it, they 'd let me know. It does say "to accelerate" and I didn't need it changed in a hurry.

That's it! Click to send. I received a reaction a few days later letting me know that it would require a 2 Week waiting period.

Like a divorce.

And sure enough, today I visited to find my FB page name changed! Keep in mind: this does not alter the url, which was great with me because that would be a mess if it didn't redirect to the new one.

If that's all we can tell about Change Name Of Facebook Page I hope this article was helpful thank you.