Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline

Cover Photos For Facebook Timeline | If you're smart about marketing on social, your company probably has a Facebook account. You have actually selected the ideal profile pic, filled in all the missing info, as well as written a quite stellar bio about exactly what your business does. So you're done, right?

Incorrect. So wrong.

Among the most important aspects of a company's Facebook page is the cover photo. It resembles the window screen of your store-- if it's boring or unsightly, it will not generate interest.

So exactly what should you put in your social networks store window? Here are eight amazing concepts for producing the Facebook cover picture of your dreams, motivated by brands who currently have an outstanding visual presence. Prepared to obtain started? Here we go!

Cover Photos For Facebook Timeline

1. Align to the Right

Where is your profile photo? On the left side of your profile. So where should you put words, crucial images, or graphics when you're developing a cover image? On the right. It's a quite uncomplicated principle, but you 'd be shocked at the number of individuals and businesses mess it up.

On the WB's page for the imaginary Harry Potter, the picture is positioned so that the centerpiece is clearly visible. Absolutely nothing of real interest is obscured by the profile image, and the page is compositionally balanced. Perk tip: whenever you utilize a picture of a face, the person must be "looking" in the direction of your content-- in this case, the cover photo.

2. See the Big Picture.

Your profile image will hide a little area of your cover image, however you can make that work for you-- just search for the big photo! Some of my favorite cover images are those that incorporate the profile image as part of the bigger image. These ingenious pics actually stand apart.

You see what I mean? Carlsberg uses their profile picture to boost their cover image (and highlight their product, the beer itself).

This Captain Morgan cover photo/profile image mash-up is so smooth that, at first glance, you might in fact think that the bottle is on the page! Keep in mind that the profile picture works well individually of the cover picture. When you see that icon turn up in your newsfeed, there's no misinterpreting its source.

3. Be Your very own Billboard.

Facebook is about making connections and showing off your enjoyable side, but it's likewise a place to develop your brand name. Think about your cover picture as totally free signboard space on among the most popular social media networks on the planet-- use it!

Sticking to the "Start Here" style utilized in their tv commercials, CarMax created this attractive, top quality ad for their Facebook cover picture. Visually pleasing, this intense and cheerful image also helps to strengthen CarMax's brand name.

In this cover photo, Cvent got a little more specific in marketing their services. Who needs an "About" section when you can put whatever that needs to be said onto your cover image? Keep in mind that the image's background is really easy, keeping the text-heavy image from appearing too crowded.

4. Use a Call-to-Action.

From my college interaction classes, to marketing seminars, to conferences at work-- if I have actually learned the excellent value of any one thing, it's your call-to-action, or CTA. Social media is an effective tool when it pertains to lead generation, and including a CTA in your cover image encourages visitors to act. Whether you want to acquire likes, sees to your site, or entries in a contest you're hosting, a cover image CTA will assist.

Marketo is presently utilizing their Facebook page to promote The Marketing Nation Top, using a cover photo CTA. As in the example from Cvent, an understated background image makes the CTA pop.

Wishpond uses their cover photo to overtly welcome readers to act, with a literal arrow indicating the spot where viewers can enter their contest. This is a terrific example of how a cover picture can own individuals to act.

5. Present Yourself.

Are you happy with your team? Do you wish to flaunt your staff? Do it with a cover image!

n this older cover picture, The New york city Times takes you into their workplace and shows you their whole staff. It's a terrific look into the huge, lovely workplace of the people who write the news that you check out.

Not quite as big as The New york city Times? Not a problem! This little marketing firm utilizes their cover photo to show possible customers that they won't be working with a huge, "faceless" corporation.

6. Appeal to Emotions.

While turning your cover picture into a CTA or a billboard can be terrific, a mentally resonant cover photo can be similarly reliable.

Facebook's own cover picture is an ideal example of how images can tap into feelings. It likewise is entirely on -brand. Exactly what is Facebook about? Connecting. Exactly what does this image convey? Connection. This image gets down to the heart of social networking, and makes visitors feel favorable about their brand.

This Toyota cover picture, which has to do with two years old, likewise informs a particular, mentally resonant story with only a single image. Visitors will instantly associate Toyota with flexibility, and with taking pleasure in the trip of life-- no words needed. Plus, who doesn't like a pleased pet dog?

7. Stay Real to Your Brand.

There's absolutely nothing even worse than a brand name that alters mascots, slogans, or jingles every other day. People like consistency and familiarity, and your Facebook cover image is a terrific location to strengthen your familiar message.

Ben & Jerry's, for instance, has constantly had to do with the cows. Their Facebook cover photo does not wander off from that fact.

Nike enhanced their brand with this easy, uncomplicated cover photo. All that they require is their familiar Nike swoosh, and their renowned "Just Do It" slogan. They have actually stated everything they require to state.

8. Start a Conversation.

A hashtag is a powerful thing, my buddies-- in the last few years, we have actually even seen hashtags play a function in political revolutions. When you toss a hashtag onto your cover picture, you have the power to obtain people talking.

Coca-Cola's current cover photo contains a vibrant logo, a photo of three girls using sports equipment, and a mystical hashtag. You inform me that you're not curious.

Ford Mustang's cover image hashtag is less mystical, but equally powerful. You can utilize the hashtag to look for "#Mustang" and see what other individuals are stating about this famous sports cars and truck.

This has actually only been a brief tasting of the amazing cover images I've seen. What are a few of the most innovative, interesting, or beautiful brand cover images you've experienced on Facebook?

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