Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions - Have you taken a look at your Facebook organisation page lately-- not simply on your desktop or tablet however also through your mobile phone?

Facebook now (Q1 2014) has more than a billion monthly active users who check out the site via mobile gadget, representing 79% of total Facebook active users, so if your Facebook page does not look as clever as it must on mobile, you just could be discouraging three-quarters of your potential customers/followers.

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

Facebook Cover Image Measurements Have Altered

The most crucial visual aspect of your Facebook page is your Cover Image, which sits at the top of the page welcoming visitors. Below, you'll see the realty you have to have fun with (we've borrowed a template from these fine folks and added a couple of extra bits and pieces of our own).

Looks complicated does not it? The crucial point that you have to note is that the real active area that you need to play with (the area that must be safe on both mobile and desktop) is simply 563 pixels wide by 175 pixels deep.

Yes, it's a relatively small proportion of that seemingly glorious cover area, 851 pixels by 315 pixels, however the rest of your image is at threat of being covered by your profile picture, the title or category of your page or the like, follow and message boxes (other than obviously for the left and right-hand sides of the image, which just will not be shown on mobile).

You still need to surround that active area with other imagery that reflects your brand values-- but comprehend that most of that real estate is likely to vanish. A mobile visitor will never ever see it, while a desktop traveller might see just some.

Facebook Cover Images: Prior To And After.

Here (gulp!) is what our Netmarketing Courses Facebook page, optimised for Facebook's 2013 design, looked like under these new style criteria. Note that our subtitle "online training courses for organisations" was partially obscured by the profile photo.

The mobile view was far worse:.

So we offered our cover image an extreme remodeling, shedding many of the style aspects in favour of a centred logo design, with the result listed below. It will not win any awards but at least it communicates what we do (and we're no longer losing any of the details featured in the image).

A glance at the page on mobile shows that we've achieved our branding goals there as well.

It's time for you to reevaluate at your Facebook page (start with your mobile device, preferably through the devoted Facebook app) and see if you still scrub up as well as you should.

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