Hide My Friends On Facebook

Hide My Friends On Facebook - When you include a brand-new buddy on Facebook among the following updates: "... is now buddies with ...", "... became buddies with ..." or "... and ... are now friends" will appear on your profile (timeline) and in the activity sidebar (news feed) of your friends.

Hide My Friends On Facebook

If you don't want others to see this brand-new friend alert (status), then you can disable and conceal it and this tutorial will reveal you step by action how to do this on a computer system and on a Android smartphone.

The best ways to Conceal "Became Friends With" Status on Facebook on a Computer

1. Open your web internet browser.

2. Go to Facebook.

3. Log into your account (if not currently visited).

4. Click on the ▼ (triangle) icon situated on top right and choose "Activity Log".

5. Go to "Photos", "Likes" and "Remarks located in the left sidebar and click on "MORE".

6. Click on "Friends".

7. Click the good friend activity options button icon situated at the leading right and uncheck "New Buddy Reports".

8. Click "Okay" to conserve the setting.

How to Conceal "Became Buddies With" Status on Facebook on Android.

( This will work on all Android smart devices, consisting of Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Lenovo, HTC, LG, etc.).

The Facebook app on Android and the Facebook mobile site don't have the choice to conceal the "... is now pals with ...", "... became pals with ..." or "... and ... are now good friends" notifications, however there's still a little trick to do this by utilizing a setting in Google Chrome on Android.

1. Switch on "Screen rotation" on your Android mobile phone, but you don't require to turn your phone yet.

2. Open Google Chrome.

3. Open the Google Chrome menu.

4. Check "Demand desktop website".

5. Go to Facebook.

6. Log into your account (if you're not visited already).

7. Go to the address bar and change the m in the web address to web and tap on "Go" (keyboard/keypad). Example: https://m.facebook.com ends up being https://web.facebook.com.

8. Turn your smart device, so that your screen will likewise be turned.

Note: You may require to zoom in and scroll a little bit, to be able to easily find and tap the buttons and links.

9. Tap on the ▼ (triangle) icon situated at the top right and pick "Activity Log".

10. Go to "Photos", "Likes" and "Comments situated in the left sidebar and tap on "MORE".

Note: You might require to wait a bit longer for these products to appear.

11. Tap on "Friends".

12. Tap on the pal activity choices button icon located on top right and uncheck "New Pal Reports".

13. Tap on "Okay" to conserve the setting.

If that's all we can tell about Hide My Friends On Facebook I hope this article was helpful thank you.