How Do I Delete Facebook Contacts

How Do I Delete Facebook Contacts - It looked like a great concept at the time-- integrate Facebook into your contacts so you have everyone's birthday and contact info! Other good ideas! Except I do not wish to email my good friends at their @facebook e-mail address, and my contacts app is now a giant trash stack.

How Do I Delete Facebook Contacts


1. Disabling Facebook's access to contacts:

Carry out below actions to disable Facebook's access to iPhone contacts:

  • Open the settings app on your iPhone.

  • Scroll down to the facebook app. You can find facebook app in a cluster of the associated app like twitter, flicker, etc.

  • To open settings menu of facebook app, tap on the Facebook app.

  • You should be checked in facebook to alter contacts information.

  • Tap the slider beside "contacts". It ought to be turned in the grey color which indicates that Facebook has not access to your iPhone contacts.

  • Exit settings then open your contacts app to validate that Facebook has no longer gain access to.

  • You can not see any facebook contact here.

2.  Disabling Facebook in the contacts app:

Perform below actions to disable facebook in contacts app:

  • Open contacts app from your iPhone.

  • Tap on the "Groups" icon in the upper left-hand corner.

  • If you do not see a "group" choice, then your facebook contacts are not integrated with your iPhone contacts.

  • Group handles various sources of your contacts.

  • Tap the "All Facebook" option. After tapping, the checkmark beside the "all facebook" will vanish.

  • This likewise forces to vanish checkmark of" Group" choice.

  • Tap on "all iCloud" choice to re-enable iCloud contacts on your iPhone.

  • Go to your Contacts menu and you can not see any facebook accounts !!!

3.  Deleting Your Facebook information:

Carry out listed below actions to delete your Facebook data:

  • Open the settings app from your iPhone.

  • If you do not desire that your Facebook account must not access any of your iPhone data, then to delete facebook account is the best method to prevent any problems.

  • Next, scroll down to the facebook app in Settings menu.

  • Now, Tap on the Facebook app to open settings menu of the Facebook account.

  • To choose individual account settings in Facebook, tap on your name.

  • To delete account, tap on "Delete account".

  • After tapping, Facebook will ask you to confirm your procedure.

  • When it reveals prompt box, tap on erase, so it will get confirmation to erase the account.

  • Exit from settings.

  • Go to your contacts, and check there are not any facebook contacts.

If you erase facebook app from your iPhone, it will likewise erase your facebook contact data. So, the Facebook messenger is the best method to get in touch with people without needing to use any Facebook contact information. Thus the article How Do I Delete Facebook Contacts from us, hopefully useful thank you.