How Do I Hide Photos On Facebook

How Do I Hide Photos On Facebook - Personal privacy is utmost important for everyone today. And particularly with images, nobody wants his/her private photos to be accessible by any unknown person. Facebook is a big network of people.

With millions of people signed up on facebook it becomes even more crucial to take correct procedures to safeguard our privacy. In this post we'll learn more about privacy settings of albums/ pictures on facebook. Facebook offers a number of presence levels for images. Which a user can use to their photos according to his/her requirements.

How Do I Hide Photos On Facebook

1. Goto your profile/ timeline.

2. Click on Photos; below your cover image.

3. Near the album name, click the down arrow button to select the preferred visibility level. i.e. pubic, good friends, good friends other than associates, just me, custom-made.

If you choose 'public', the photos in the album will be noticeable to all throughout the facebook. If you pick 'good friends', the pictures will only be visible to your friends and nobody else.

If you pick 'just me', the photos will show up only to yourself. And in 'customized' you manually specify people; whom you wish to reveal or hide the album from.

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