How Do I Poke someone On Facebook

How Do I Poke Someone On Facebook - Last week we seen the tutorials about 'The best ways to get the old Facebook chat back' through setting up the script, i hope you all delighted in that post. Now today i developed another technique in Facebook. Really we understand the POKE feature in facebook, its for fun but when if some friends keep poking us and make us annoying.

How Do I Poke Someone On Facebook

Here is the option for it to get tension devoid of Poke through Auto Poking Technique. This Car Poking function will Poke back your good friends who poked you with no disturbance in your Facebook browsing. All you have to do is just installing one extension in your Google chrome and Grease Monkey script in Mozilla Firefox. Don't fret, Let me assist you how to do that.


Action 1:

Open your Google Chrome browser and Click on this link to go to 'POKE ALL FOR CHROME' Extension in Chrome Store and set up the Extension by clicking Install button.

Action 2:.

After clicking Install, you can see the Installed conformation message in your web browser leading ideal side. Now the Extension is Set up. Now you have to configure the Extension. You can see the Extension FACEBOOK ICON in the Leading ideal side of the web browser, Click it and Check the alternative 'VEHICLE POKE'. (Screenshot below).

Action 3:.

Thats all, all done. Now lets check it. Ask any of your friend to poke you and Revitalize the page or nagivate to some other page in facebook to get poke notice. After that you can see the message in the poke notification area that Auto poked with your Friend name who poked you. Example revealed below.

If the Extension not working, Clear the Cache and Restart the Internet browser to try again. Any issue ask aid in our Facebook group.


In Mozilla Firefox you have to install Grease Monkey add-On before we install FACEBOOK AUTOMOBILE POKE script. If you currently installed Grease Monkey add-on in your Firefox web browser, then you can avoid this action and go to Script Setup action.

Action 1: (Setting Up Greasemonkey Add-on).

Click on this link and Check Out How to Set up Greasemonkey include on in your web browser.

Action 2: (Installing Facebook Car Poke Script).

After setting up Greasemonkey Addon, you ought to reboot the internet browser to take effect and now Click here and go to 'FACEBOOK AUTOPOKE SCRIPT' page and Click 'INSTALL' button which is situated in the Leading right corner of the site.

Now the Installer popup will come, Click 'INSTALL' in that popup box.

After clicking 'INSTALL'. Greasemonkey will reveal notification in the Bottom side corner that script is set up.

Now the Script Installed Correctly. Now ask Your good friends to Poke you in facebook and you inspect your poke alert location, you can see its already poked back automatically.

Thus the article How Do I Poke Someone On Facebook from us, hopefully useful thank you.