How Do You Change Your Email Address On Facebook

How Do You Change Your Email Address On Facebook - Forbes fasted to report that Facebook altered all user e-mails to a '' domain today-- a quite sly carry on their part to do so without permission or notice.

Back in 2010, Facebook introduced its own email service, and many forecasted it would be the death of e-mail. That was hardly the case. Email is alive and well, and many people do not even recognize they have a Facebook e-mail address. Is this a relocation by Facebook to increase the adoption of their e-mail service? Our guess is yes.

How Do You Change Your Email Address On Facebook

If you desire to alter the email address shown on your Timeline back to your non-facebook. com address, the process is simple:

1. Click on your name in the top right corner of your Facebook page.
2. Click 'Update Info' tab located simply listed below your cover photo on the ideal side of the page.
3. Locate your 'Contact Details' and click the 'Edit' link.
4. Here, you can modify the choices for each email address listed to have it 'Revealed on Timeline' or 'Concealed on Timeline.' Set your choices to your preference and then click 'Save.'.

While you are on your 'Contact Info,' ensure you aren't sharing too much info. If you must include your telephone number or address then make sure to share with buddies just. (We highly recommend against including your address.).
While speaking of e-mail addresses, we advise that you use a completely separate e-mail represent Facebook. Do not use the exact same e-mail address that you utilize for sensitive accounts.

Personally, I have my mobile number gone into so that I can get login approvals from Facebook; however, I don't desire my phone number displayed on my Timeline, so I have actually set the sharing option to 'Only Me.'.

For more details on configuring your account and privacy settings, make certain to inspect out our post: How to Lockdown your Facebook Represent Optimum Personal Privacy and Security.

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