How to Change A Profile Photo On Facebook

How To Change A Profile Photo On Facebook | Altering your profile image on Facebook is easy on Android; you just need to know where to look. Here's where we show you ways to do it.

There are two primary methods you can alter your profile image on Android. One is incredibly simple and lets you change it to any photo you currently have actually loaded to your Facebook page.

The other is a little bit more challenging, however it opens the choice of using pictures handled your Android smart device or tablet as your brand-new Facebook profile. This is where we reveal you how to do both.

How To Change A Profile Photo On Facebook

Now, follows these steps to change the profile photo of your Facebook account:

- When you login to your Facebook account, click on the present profile photo.

- This will reveal you your profile as it basically appears to others, with the profile image in large size (the real size that will show up to other Facebook users who see your profile).

- At this point, move your mouse guideline (cursor) above your profile image, and a "Modification Picture" link/ button will appear above the image, as shown below:

- Click on that link, and Facebook will show a submenu for the profile photo:.

- You now have numerous choices: you can either select "Publish an Image" to pick another image file from your computer, and use it as replacement, or you can "Take a Picture" to utilize your display screen or laptop computer's webcam to use a picture of yourself at your computer, or pick "Pick from Album" to utilize another picture you have currently published to Facebook, and saved in an image album.

This is all it requires to add a photo to your Facebook account, or modification profile picture! The next tutorial explains how to erase a profile image, or hide it from all Facebook users or just a select couple of: erase or hide your Facebook profile photo.

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