How to Check Deleted Facebook Messages

How To Check Deleted Facebook Messages _ In this tutorial, we will guide you on the best ways to recover all of your deleted messages, images and videos from Facebook:-.

How To Check Deleted Facebook Messages

1. Click the down arrow located at the upper right corner of the Facebook account, which you typically click it to log out of your Facebook account. Click on "Settings" when the sub-menu appears.

2. Click the "Download a copy" link. A new page will be loaded. On this page, click "Start My Archive". Confirm the message box by clicking on the "Start My Archive" button. Facebook will collect all your information and will send you an e-mail when it would be all set for download.

3. When it is prepared to download, you will get a notice. Click it. A brand-new page will be loaded, click "Download Archive". It will ask you to enter your Facebook password. Enter it. Click "Send".

4. Your archive will begin to download in a zip file. When the download finishes, open it and extract it. When drawn out, double click the folder to open it. There will be a file called "index". Double click it to open it in your default web browser. In the left side, click "Messages".

You will discover all your erased messages. Such articles How To Check Deleted Facebook Messages from my thank you for visiting hope can help you.