How to Download Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has actually revealed the web version of its messaging service just recently. This allows you to talk interruption free. While this web variation is helpful in numerous ways, one might wish to have a devoted desktop app for Facebook Messenger, How To Download Facebook Messenger.

In desktop Linux, you can use Facebook messaging through Pidgin, however it's not the same experience as using the actual Facebook Messenger. You will not get the Facebook feel with Pidgin. While it is immaterial to lots of, some people may want a more 'Facebook-ish' app. If you are among them, I have one such app for you.

How To Download Facebook Messenger

Let me mention it initially that this is not an official Facebook Messenger app. It's a third celebration app where you can log in with your Facebook account and after that chat with your buddies in a Facebook-like environment. You will comprehend the meaning of 'Facebook-like' environment by looking at the screenshot below:

It looks like Facebook Messenger, isn't really it? So, if this app attract you, you might wish to give it a shot by installing it.

Install Facebook Messenger desktop app in Linux.

This Facebook Messenger app is available for all significant desktop platform i.e. Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. To download the application, go to the link listed below:.

Facebook Messenger for desktop.

The downloaded file will be zipped. Extract it. Goo to the drawn out folder and based on your system, select 32 or 64 bit. You'll see an x-executable file named Messenger.

Generally, you would require to change the permission on this file to make it executable. If you are familiar with basic Linux commands, you can do it in terminal. Else, you can perfect click on it to select residential or commercial properties. In here, go to approvals tab and tick the box besides Perform alternative.

When you have actually altered the permission, double click to set up and run the app. You should see the messenger app requesting for your qualifications:.

How is this unofficial Facebook Messenger app?

Truthfully, it doesn't offer much except the feel and look of Facebook. You can have the full Facebook messaging experience where you can chat with people, in group. But that's about it. I attempted for voice/video call and it did not work in Ubuntu.

As far as notification is concerned, you'll hear a 'ting' sound but won't see the desktop notifications in Ubuntu, and I presume the same for other Linux circulations also. Good idea is that a person can ask for new functions and report bug on the github page.

So entirely, I am not extremely amazed with the features but that perhaps is simply my viewpoint. Why do not you give it a try and share your experience with it.

Messenger for Android

Thus the article How To Download Facebook Messenger from us, hopefully useful thank you.