How to Find My Videos On Facebook

How To Find My Videos On Facebook, Facebook allows you to publish and share videos, much like images. Publishing videos rather of simply photos can assist separate your service from and share more info than those who publish only pictures.

While Facebook allows you to share a video when you upload it, discovering your videos later grants you the options of re-sharing, preference or modifying them in numerous ways. Your videos do not have a special location, as they're organized with your photos. Whether you have a Facebook page or a personal profile, you'll discover the videos in the same location.

How To Find My Videos On Facebook

1. Go to your very own timeline. You get there by clicking your name at the top of any Facebook page.

2. Look for the word Pictures. Click it.

3. Once your photo page opens, search for the word Albums. Click.

4. On the album page, Videos is the first album. Cool huh?

5. Now that you've discovered them, exactly what can you do to make them more noticeable? Absolutely nothing. Here's why. This is a list of what you can hide and unhide from your profile page. Unfortunately there is no separate setting for videos.

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