How to Hide Friends List Facebook

Facebook privacy concerns has constantly been a concern for the majority of the Facebook users. Spammers, fake profiles and stalkers on Facebook is a standard. How To Hide Friends List Facebook, Today while playing with the new privacy features of Facebook, I discovered the choice to totally conceal my good friends list.

Earlier it was very tough to conceal your good friends list from some or all of your Facebook pals and public, and now it's possible.

How To Hide Friends List Facebook

Simply follow the simple steps listed below to conceal your pal's list on Facebook.

1. Log in to your Facebook account.
2. Go to Account > Privacy Settings from any Facebook page.

3. On that page, you will see 'Connecting on Facebook', click View Settings under it.

4. Search for "See your buddy list" and alter the choice to whatever you desire. To entirely conceal your good friend's list from everybody, follow the steps listed below.

5. From the choices, choose 'Custom' and make its exposure to "Just Me'. That ought to hide your good friends from everyone.

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