How to Know who Have Seen My Facebook Profile

How To Know Who Have Seen My Facebook Profile | Ever wonder if someone in particular views your Facebook profile many times a day, whether it's someone you like or if it's a random stalker? Follow these steps and you can find out which people see your profile.

How To Know Who Have Seen My Facebook Profile

1) You need to use Google Chrome for this to work.

2) After you have actually entered Google Chrome, go to your Facebook profile page.

3) Click ideal click on the empty surface of your page and then select the choice "View page source" from the menu.

4) You will be redirected to a page with some code. Click "Ctrl + F" to open the search button. Type "FriendList" in the search button and click "get in". This term will be highlighted in the code, after which you will see numbers separated with quotation marks. Copy one of these numbers and paste it to your address bar like this:
Click go into, and this will show you the profile of the good friend who took a look at your profile.

Does this really work?

As much as we would like this to work, it just does not! This approach is popular lately because it seems working. When you follow the tutorial you can truly see the profiles of your buddies, however does this mean they are the ones viewing you? No, because those numbers come from the source code of Facebook profile page and they are utilized for numerous features Facebook has on that page (good friend list, chat, and so on). Regrettably, they do not represent the list of you secret fans.

Facebook's public declaration

Facebook has publicly revealed that there is no such feature that might enable you to see who looks at your profile. They likewise declare that no third party could have such information about your profile. Throughout the years, Facebook has received numerous reports of various applications whose main objective is to collect data and promote pages with advertisements or malware software application. They are effectively blocking those apps or pages, however for some reason individuals continue to use various suspicious apps hoping that someone finally has found the way to work around Facebook's personal privacy policy.

Tips on how you can truly see who looks at your Facebook profile.

1) See who continuously likes or talks about your posts, images, and other material you share. Those are individuals who generally visit your Facebook profile more frequently than others, specifically if you get likes or remarks simply put time period.

2) Take A Look At your Followers list. If you follow someone on Facebook you can see all their public posts. Please note that people who follow you do not necessarily have to be your pals but if they are your fans, they will be able to see your posts that are set as public.

As you can see, no application will assist please your interest, however there are some ways to logically conclude who pays more attention to you than others. Sadly, there isn't a way to revel those who take care enough not to participate in your activity however only to observe and stay quiet.

Perhaps in the future Facebook will enable this function, but for now on, just don't be tricked by any scam that offers you a possibility to see who takes a look at your profile.

If that's all we can tell about How To Know Who Have Seen My Facebook Profile I hope this article was helpful thank you.