How to Know who's Visiting Your Profile On Facebook

How To Know Who's Visiting Your Profile On Facebook | Today Facebook is top social media network on the planet. Now the majority of people have a FB account.

Numerous are so insane about Facebook. Now this common question for Facebook lover how to know who see your Facebook profile? Is this possible to see?

The answer is YES it's possible.

You will able to see who see your profile. Still, there is a way to find who visited your profiles recently.

Facebook source code viewing will let you discover who visited your Facebook profile.

How To Know Who's Visiting Your Profile On Facebook

Facebook likewise displays the recently checked out profiles in the Chat Sidebar but it is listed in order when you see it in Facebook page source code.

In this short article I will show you Ways to know who visited your Facebook Profile?

You simply have to flow coupling of actions you will be able to discover the list of Facebook profile id's who saw your profile recently.

Action 1: Login to with your account login details.

Step 2: Right click on void and choose "View Page Source" in Google Chrome or Firefox by pressing "Ctrl + F" key (in windows).

Action 3: Turn on Find by pressing "Ctrl + F" key (in windows) "CMD + F" (in Mac OS X) and type "InitialChatFriendsList" then press Enter.

Action 4: Now you can see list of facebook profile ids and you can access each of them by typing it in your web browser as

Lastly, you will see the individual who has actually seen your Facebook profile recently. This the pretty good option might remain in furthers Facebook open this alternative in your menu bar.

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