How to Make Facebook Friends Private

How To Make Facebook Friends Private - It isn't really going too far to state that personal privacy is usually valued, and appreciated by the masses. Yet, all too often, especially on social media sites like Facebook, it seems like we're caught in a glass box, with everyone we know (and even people we've never ever fulfilled before) glancing in. Among the most outright spaces in our Facebook personal privacy is the reality that anybody can see who we're good friends with if we don't have the correct settings in place.

How To Make Facebook Friends Private

If this open gain access to makes you uneasy, here's how you can avoid these viewings, and make your pal list private:

Keep in mind: This procedure can deal with PC, along with on iPhone/iPad and Android phones utilizing any browser, however not on the main Facebook app.

Make friend list personal, so that nobody including your good friends on your Facebook account can see your pal list.

1. Login to your Facebook account and go to your timeline.

2. From the menus, click "Friends".

3. Click on the Manage button, which looks like a pencil and click "Edit Personal privacy".

4. From the "Pal List" section and from the "Public" drop down menu, you can control who can see your friend list. For example, if you desire to make your pal list totally personal, then pick the "Only Me" choice.

5. When finished with your settings, click "Done".

That's it! You now have found out ways to manage your buddy list on Facebook (on PC, iPhone/iPad and Android).

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