How to Merge Pages On Facebook

How To Merge Pages On Facebook | A social network overview of teach on combining 2 or more Facebook Pages with comparable name, topic material as well as move number fans or likes in one primary page alone.

With this merger, you will be keeping the Facebook page which has more likes or follower keeping very same page name and URL.

Note: Combining pages will completely erase information and material and URL address of one page, kindly take a note of it before combining.

How To Merge Pages On Facebook

Actions to combine Facebook Pages:
Here are in-depth steps on starting the Facebook page merger discussed with easy example using Demo Page 1 and Demonstration Page 2 as sample pages.

Action 1: Modification page name

Visit your Admin setting page, under first tab i.e Page Details you can alter the Page Name. Compose a preferable page name you want for your Page. Than modification name for 2nd page which you wish to combine much like very first page (You can not have 2 pages with very same names).


- Page 1 name: Demo Page 1
- Page 2 name: Demo Page 2

In above example, keyword Demo page is appearing in both the pages. This will be dealt with as comparable pages in Facebook. Now, Click the 2nd tab i.e Settings as displayed in below image and scroll till the bottom of this page.

Note: If you desire to Merge Demonstration Page 1 (will be deleted on merge) in Demo Page 2, you need to visit settings tab of Demo Page 2 not Page 1.

Here you will be getting options to Merge replicate Page under Merge duplicate Pages which is usually not provide on settings tab, click it.

Note: You cannot combine a page with more fans in a page having less variety of followers. In above example, Demo

Page 2 need to have more followers than Demo Page 1.( upgraded).

After clicking it a light box will open with number of similar pages. Select the pages you wish to combine on single base page.

Action 2: Select page to combine.

After choosing in check box and clicking on Merge Pages. You will get a notification like below.

Although we will import all the fans and any check-ins you have, all other content from this duplicate page will be lost and permanently erased. Are you sure you desire to combine this page?

If you are sure that your data lose will trigger not effect to you then submit for combine or or else simply cancel the setup.

Action 3: Select page URL address.

After you have actually picked several pages to merge and sent it. Then it will show up which page address you choose to continue as primary page.

Select the page address you desire to keep then click on Submit button.

Note: Page Address as soon as erased cant restored.

Action 4: Deleting OLD page.

The old page which you have actually combined into brand-new will be instantly deleted at instant and all FB Likes will be transfer to new page.

Material, post, messages from old one will likewise be erased on merge. So ensure that you have backup of your post and material of your account.

Advise: Mistakes to Avoid.

I combined nearly 3 pages and made one Facebook page. Each pages were with various number of likes (However less than Guide Advise). I made some foolish mistakes while combining which trigger me to drop 90 likes due to the fact that I was not able to Page name.

These are couple of errors which I have actually done, and you need to cautious to prevent:.

Error 1:.

Try to merge from the base page which you wish to keep long-term. For me I combined from a page which was not needed that ended up creating incorrect page name. Ultimate to sort this problem I wound up with eliminating 90 likes (to alter page name, maximum variety of likes can't be more than 200).

Error 2:.

Select Page URL properly it might cause problem if your limitation to modify page URL has reached maximum (user can modify URL only when after production).

Keep in mind and Conclusion:.

It is really simple to combine 2 or more number comparable pages however careful while doing so. Prevent the mistake I have done as pointed out. If you are facing any issue in merging and moving, do not hesitate to comment below, we would enjoy to assist you.

This very same technique can be utilized to move page likes and fans from multiple pages to one single Facebook page.

If that's all we can tell about How To Merge Pages On Facebook I hope this article was helpful thank you.