How to Post A Gif to Facebook

How To Post A Gif To Facebook, Until recently there was no method of embedding animated GIFs on Facebook pages. Thankfully, Giphy is a site that utilizes a workaround to assist you put GIF animations straight on a Facebook wall, group, or message.

How To Post A Gif To Facebook

Browse for a GIF to Release

Giphy uses a database filled with GIFs from around the web. It sources images from Tumblr, Reddit, and different user submissions. Simply browse for what you're looking for, or search through the categories.

When you've discovered the image you like, hit the share to Facebook button.

Posting to Facebook.

A new window will open where you can place the GIF on your own timeline, a friend's timeline, to a group, or as a personal message. You can likewise compose a description for the GIF.

Get it animating.

Struck the Share Link button and the GIF will be published to Facebook. It will reveal up as a preview.

Hit the play button and Giphy will turn the image into a looping Flash animation, just like Youtube. Yes, it's just a wrapper, but it totally simulates a genuine animated GIF.

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