How to Restrict On Facebook

How To Restrict On Facebook | Controlling who can send you messages is a great way to prevent Facebook scams. This will not limit friend demands from strangers, however it will stop unsolicited messages.

How To Restrict On Facebook

1. Login to Facebook and go to the Account drop-down menu at the top of any Facebook page and select "Privacy Settings."

2. Select "View settings" in the "Fundamental Directory Information" area.

3. Change the setting for "Send me messages." Your options include Everyone, Friends and Pals of Buddies.

Only emails from people that fall within the message privacy setting you choose will be provided to your Facebook Messages. For example, if you pick the "Friends Only" setting, you will not get messages from e-mail addresses that are not validated to be among your good friends. Rather, those senders will receive automated bounce-back replies.

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