How to See Your Deleted Messages On Facebook

How To See Your Deleted Messages On Facebook, Simply deleted Facebook messages on your Android gadget by error? And questioning how to recover deleted Facebook messages? If you don't know ways to do this, you can keep reading to learn options.

On your Android phone, Facebook Messenger need to be among the most essential applications you utilize to keep in touch with your families, friends, associates and so on. Sometimes it is an essential app in a workplace and can even have crucial work messages.

A number of us especially the young prefer to communicate via Facebook since it makes it possible for much faster communication and guarantees easier connection. Your conversations or chat history through Facebook Messenger might be valuable or remarkable. But what if you delete some messages by mistake?

That could be exceptionally dismaying and no one would ever anticipate to be facing this. However that simply happens. Thankfully you can still recover the deleted Facebook messages from the Facebook Messenger app or your Android phone. Now let's examine how this can be done. Listed below I will share with you two tutorials on the best ways to recuperate deleted Facebook messages.

How To See Your Deleted Messages On Facebook

Technique 1: Recover Deleted Facebook Messages from Downloaded Facebook Data

Action 1 Log in your Facebook account on Go to "Settings".

Action 2 Under "General Account Settings", you'll see "Download a copy of your Facebook data". Click the link.

Action 3 You'll be asked for the password. Go into the password and you'll be informed that an Email has actually been to your mailbox.

Action 4 Discover the Email and click the connect to download the archive.

Action 5 Click "Download Archive" and a zip file containing all your Facebook details will be downloaded to your computer system.

If you have the copy, you can search the deleted messages from the files. Open the zip file and you should find a folder with HTML files. Choose the HTML file named as "Messages" and all your Facebook messages exist.

Technique 2: Recuperate Deleted Facebook Messages from Android Directly.

To recuperate erased Facebook Messenger messages from Android device, you will have to download and install the ES File Explorer app on your Android phone. Then you can follow below actions:.

Action 1 Run ES File Explorer.

Run the ES File Explorer app on your Android phone and then navigate to Storage/SD card > Android > data.

Action 2 Recover Facebook Messenger Messages from Android.

Scroll down the page of data and discover the folder "com.facebook.orca". Tap and open the folder then open" cache" > "fb_temp". All your Facebook Messenger backups are kept in the "com facebook whale" folder. Now you can recuperate the erased conversations you require.

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