How to Share Videos On Facebook

How To Share Videos On Facebook - Facebook was originally a location to share online conversations and images in between friends, now it is likewise a location to share videos. Facebook supports most video file formats. There are a number of methods to share them.

Select which way to share depending upon whether you wish to save a video on your profile, send it in a message or wall post, or put it on another site and link to it from Facebook. Whether you utilize a cam,  camera or smartphone will also identify exactly what method will work.

How To Share Videos On Facebook


Video With External Gadget

1. Record a digital video utilizing your external device, consisting of a video camera.

2. Conserve the video on your computer's hard disk and modify it, if preferred.

3. Browse to your Facebook profile page and click "Photos" in the left column.

4. Click "Upload Video" in the upper right corner of the page.

5. Search for your video file and select it for upload. Facebook will indicate what file size it can support.

6. Follow the on-screen directions for your specific type of video file. Video uploads can take an hour or more, depending on the size and format.

Video With Cam

1. Navigate to the location on Facebook where you would like to straight publish a video. You have the alternative to publish a video on your own wall or a friend's wall or in a message. If you wish to send a video message, click "Messages" in the left column on your homepage.

2. Click "New Message" if creating a video message. Overlook this step if you are posting to a wall.

3. Click the video icon, located at the top of a wall or at the bottom left of the New Message window.

4. Tape-record the message with your web cam.

5. Post or send the video.

Video With Smart device

1. Tape-record a video utilizing your smart device if this feature is readily available and wait on the phone.

2. Start an e-mail message in your smart phone resolved to your Facebook personal uploads email address. If you have no idea what this is, check out the Facebook Mobile page.

3. Compose in the subject line what you would like the caption about the video to say.

4. Add the video to the email in an accessory and send it. The video will post to your Mobile Uploads album.

Posting External Links

1. Tape your video and post it to another site.

2. Browse to your Facebook profile's wall.

3. Click the "link" icon at the top of the wall.

4. Get in the link's address and click "Connect.".

5. Add any remarks when prompted, if desired, and click "Share.".

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