How to Sync Facebook Contacts with iPhone

How To Sync Facebook Contacts With Iphone | Nowadays, many individuals have many of their friend's contacts available on Facebook. Here is a quick method to make sure that your iPhone contacts sync with your Facebook contacts

How To Sync Facebook Contacts With Iphone

iPhone on iOS 7 or iOS 6

1. On your iPhone, browse to Settings > Facebook

2. Key in your Facebook username or e-mail address and password and tap "Check in".

3. Make sure that the Contacts switch under "Enable these Apps to Use Your Account" is set to ON.

4. Finally tap on "Update All Contacts" at the bottom.

5. That's it, you now have your iPhone address book synced with your Facebook pals data.

Do not forget to go to the AppStore on your iPhone and get the official iOS Facebook app.

Sync iPhone contacts with Facebook on iOS 5.

1. Open the Facebook appp on your iPhone and tap the button on the top left corner.

2. Select the Friends banner.

3. Once in the Pals section, tap on the button appearing in the upper right corner and then tap Sync Contacts.

4. Now, ensure that the "Syncing" and "Change images" are both turned on.

5. That's it! Now your iPhone contacts entries will have their data and images updated as per your Facebook friends' details.

There is also another way of connecting your Facebook information to your iPhone contacts by means of a free app called SmartSync.

SmartSync will assist you bring data from your Facebook such as your friend's profession and existing office (information which you could not otherwise link with your iPhone contacts).

Just download and install the app on your iPhone.

1. Once you run the application, tap on the huge round button.

2. Await the app to link to your Facebook profile-- it will ask you to use your Facebook data (if you are currently logged in to your Facebook account by means of the Facebook app, SmartSync will straight continue to match your iPhone contacts with your Facebook friends.

3. Now your contacts will feature both their upgraded Facebook profile photos along with additional info readily available from Facebook. Your Facebook contacts will not be altered in the procedure.

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