Link Facebook and Twitter


Link Facebook And Twitter |  So you have a Facebook page and Twitter account established for your business and you are (or need to be) publishing intriguing and appropriate content related to your industry frequently to engage your fans or fans.

But staying active on both networks can begin to end up being a drain on your offered marketing time, specifically if like lots of others you get drawn into a bunny warren of buddies and family members photos, tweets, status updates and remarks every time you log in.

One method to conserve time but still appear to be active on both networks is to link your accounts together, either Facebook to Twitter or vice-versa, so that you just need to post when on one social network but the very same content is posted to the other network( s) automatically.

There are several ways to set up auto-posting between socials media. There are tools that can auto-post in between Twitter and facebook in addition to other networks, one such tool is called IFTTT and you can find out more about it here.

But both Twitter and facebook now have alternatives to auto-post tweets/status updates to each other, and its simply a case of snapping the ideal switches. Whether you connect Twitter to post on Facebook or Facebook to publish to Twitter is up to you, it truly depends on which network you prefer (or is less of a time drain for you) to be on.

Link Facebook And Twitter

At the time of writing Facebook is actively motivating you to auto-post your content to Twitter, at the top of your welcome screen (under the search bar) might be the message ...

" Connect your page to your Twitter account. You can now export your Facebook page updates to Twitter. Click on this link to allow this function."

If you do see that message as soon as you have logged in to facebook then go on and click the link. If you don't see the message then open a brand-new browser window and paste in the following url--

Click 'link my profile to Twitter'

If you have actually been publishing as your page you will get a message saying "To access this page, you'll require to change from utilizing Facebook as your page to utilizing Facebook as yourself." So click to go back to utilizing FB as your name.

( Don't worry we can establish some choices later on so only your page will be connected to Twitter and not your personal profile updates-- unless you desire them to be).

Click "link my profile to twitter" and license FB to use Twitter by entering your log in details.

You will then see the following page. You want to un-check all the boxes beside your name and click 'save changes'.

Click the button 'Link to Twitter' beside the page you wish to connect.

You will have to license Twitter once again but you shouldn't require to re-enter your details as you are already visited.

You will now have another series of check boxes to inform Facebook which types of content you wish to auto-post. Its approximately you, but the minimum you desire to consist of is status updates (I leave all packages inspected to share all content)-- struck save changes.

Return to using Facebook as your page. You can do this by clicking the little down arrow on top right of the screen next to 'house' you will see an alternative to 'utilize Facebook as ...' Click the button next to your page and you will now be posting to FB as your organisation page.

Anything you post as your page will only be visible on Facebook to those who have 'liked' your page (aka 'fans') and anything you publish whilst in this mode will now immediately publish to your Twitter stream up until you disable the service.

Job Done.

A note about content-- Twitter only allows 140 characters per post-- Facebook allows substantially more (as much as 60,000 characters at the time of writing). Thankfully though, if you publish something larger than 140 characters to Facebook, Twitter will abbreviate it and link back to the complete post on FB.

Ensure you start your posts with something pertinent to the primary content so that your Twitter fans are lured to click the link over to Facebook to learn more.

The Best Ways To Link Twitter To Auto Post To Facebook.

Linking Twitter to Facebook is a little more straight forward than the opposite technique, one draw back nevertheless is that the Facebook variation of your Tweet will include a byline beneath the post displaying 'sent by means of Twitter'.

This might or may not affect your FB fans, you might get less engagement. But my guess is a lot of individuals wont offer it a doubt.

So lets get stuck in ...

Visit to Twitter and click the little arrow next to the profile silhouette. Then click 'settings'.

Then choose 'profile' and at the really bottom under your bio etc, you will see a button labeled 'Post your tweets to Facebook' hit that to sign in and authorize.

When connected you will be provided some alternatives. Un-check package next to profile and inspect package beside page, choose your FB page from the list.

A window from Facebook will now turn up, Click 'Allow', then click save money on your profile and its done! Now whatever you tweet will instantly post to your Facebook page-- Sorted!

Such articles Link Facebook And Twitter thanks for visiting can hopefully help you out.