See Friendship Facebook

See Friendship Facebook | Relationship pages on Facebook are a snapshot of the relationship between to users on the social networking website. The pages consist of such details as previous wall posts, images where they have both been tagged and the pals they share.

You are allowed to view all relationship pages between you and anyone on your buddy list, and some buddy pages for other users, depending on their privacy settings.

See Friendship Facebook


Relationship Pages
When you visit a friendship page, you see all the wall posts, comments, links, pictures and other material that involves you which pal.

This feature makes it possible to see all the interactions and ways that the relationship has actually been shared on Facebook. The individuals associated with the relationship can see the page, as well as buddies of those individuals.

How to Access
You can see the friendship pages of your good friends in a number of methods. When a friend posts a talk about the wall of another buddy, a link appears under the remark that says "See Relationship." As soon as you click the link, it takes you to the friendship page.

Under the profile photo of a friend, you may also see a link that takes you to the relationship page. You might just access this type of page if you are pals with a minimum of among the people in the photo and you have authorization to look at the other individual's page.

When you navigate to a friendship page, the content you see will depend on exactly what the 2 pals have actually shared. For instance, the page might have a profile image that shows both buddies tagged in it.

It will likewise contain information about occasions that both individuals have RSVP had actually to along with remarks, images, wall posts and other items that involve both of the friends. It also reveals any networks that the people belong of.

Personal privacy Issues
Although this feature is utilized by individuals on Facebook, others have concerns with the personal privacy issues that it provides. It makes it simple for people to see exactly how others are connecting, and makes their content public.

It also offers info to buddies of your friends, whom you might not desire having access to the content on your page. People whom you declined for pal status in relation to you can still take a look at your pictures and other content, if they take place to be friends of your friends.

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