Suggest Friends On Facebook

Suggest Friends On Facebook - Simply like you introduce your good friends to your other pals in reality, Facebook also has a function that lets you 'Present' your good friends to your other friends on the website.

Suggest Friends On Facebook

Facebook is a social media and the more people that get connected, the more fun it is and the more social things get.

Suggest pals is a feature on Facebook that allows you to suggest relationship in between two of your good friends whom you think need to or would end up being excellent buddies on Facebook.

To suggest a pal to someone, go to their profile page on Facebook while you are checked in. Hover your mouse over the 'Buddies' button and select 'Suggest Friends'.

A window will turn up with a list of your pals. Pick the good friend you desire to suggest to him or her. Click Suggest pal button next to the name.

How To Suggest All Friends On Facebook At Once.

- First of all open Google chrome then install below extension.
- After setting up new icon start appearing on leading right corner.

- Now Log in Your Facebook Account whose friends you want to suggest.
- Open the profile where you want to suggest pals.

- Then click on Pals button appear in the front of id name.
- List of all features will appears then click Suggest good friends and new box will appear of friend list.
- After the appearing of box click on the Icon of extension which we installed in very first part.

- Wait for few seconds then all the friends get suggested.

In conclusion, we hope you like this technique to recommend all friends on Facebook in one click. If you have any concern don't hesitate to ask us in comments listed below.

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