When You Deactivate Your Facebook Account

To the fact that]@ it's rather difficult to actually When You Deactivate Your Facebook Account, even when you wish to. Seems that the company wants to hang on to your information even when you say you're all done, so while you can 'deactivate' your account, Facebook will cheerily email you afterwards stating "we have actually conserved your information and you can reactivate whenever you're all set. We miss you currently!"

A bit frustrating from a privacy perspective, for sure, but I would like to believe that after a certain quantity of time shut down accounts are cleaned from the data storage, though that could simply be wishful thinking in the 21st Century, the age of data mining.

When You Deactivate Your Facebook Account

I can step you through every part of this process because I sadly had to deactivate my father's account after he died. No point in keeping it around and while there is a way to "memorialize" somebody's existence by having their account stay, that just seems odd to me so we didn't go down that path. Curious? Find out more here: memorialize a deceased person's Facebook account.


To deactivate your very own account, start by going to "Settings", then "Security":.

See that last link, in a different typeface and color? Click "Deactivate your account".

You'll get here:.

See all those reasons for leaving? Facebook has answers for almost all of them that attempt to keep you around, helpful FAQs on the best ways to deal with a hacked account, excessive email, the best ways to learn Facebook, time management, etc. In truth, it looks like the only way you can in fact * give up * Facebook is to choose "Other".

Do that, click "Validate" if you're sure you want to proceed, and ...

Makes good sense. But then a click "Deactivate Now" and ...

Yeah, it's their site, not yours, so you need to back up and provide a reason.

I believe you can simply state "Fed up" because box. I mean, exactly what are they going to do, say your reason isn't really legit and you can't shut off??

Finally, when you do get things lined up for their process, you'll see this:.

Here's exactly what I discover curious: I inspected "pull out of future email" and Facebook however sent out an email message with directions on how to reactivate the account. Apparently "leave me alone" isn't quite clear enough:.

I can only hope and presume that the account is now correctly deactivated and won't reveal up in people's good friend lists, on searches, and so on. And that's how it's done.

Thus the article When You Deactivate Your Facebook Account from us, hopefully useful thank you.