Www.facebook Log Out

Www.Facebook Log Out | There is general human propensity to forget things like mobile or crucial etc. at any place. It often occurs with me and the same thing happened today morning. I left my phone at my good friend's home and when I reached house I kept in mind. There were some crucial messages in my Facebook account which I did not wish to view by any other individual.

Www.Facebook Log Out

If you likewise have actually left your phone at your friend's house or if you have lost your phone and wished to prevent your Facebook account not to be accessed by any undesirable individual, you can follow the steps to logout your Facebook account remotely from any web allowed computer.

Steps to logout from Facebook from another location-.

- Login your Facebook account in internet browser. You can utilize any web allowed computer system.
- Click on settings drop-down and select the alternative Settings.

- On settings page choose the alternative Security.

- On Security page click the choice Where You're Visited.

- Click on End All Activity.

- When your click on End All Activity choice, all the visited Facebook account will be logged out from all the devices. You can choose specific device also if you do not desire to logout from all the devices.

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