Connect Facebook and Twitter

Connect Facebook And Twitter | Posting to Twitter and facebook can be a vital part of our day-to-day organisation and personal lives, but having to handle two various social media accounts and posting the very same details on both can end up being quite tiresome and lengthy.

There is a method to conserve time and increase efficiency with these two sites by enabling your Facebook posts to immediately post on your Twitter account! This makes your social media life a lot easier to handle, because:

Connect Facebook And Twitter


- You only have to visit to one social networks account, while being able to publish to both simultaneously.

- You get to pick which kinds of Facebook posts that you desire to be automatically posted to your Twitter feed.

It is fairly fast and simple to establish auto post of your Facebook posts to Twitter. Initially, you simply have to verify your App and Privacy Settings Then, go ahead and connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The following procedures explain ways to set up your automated posts, and the best ways to stop them, need to you opt to do so later.

Confirming App Settings.
Prior to you can connect your Twitter and facebook accounts, your app platform in Facebook must be switched on. To confirm that the platform is switched on:

- Log in to your Facebook account.

- In the upper-right corner of the Facebook page, click the equipment icon.

- Select Account Settings from the menu. The General Account Settings page appears.

- On the left side of the page, click Apps. The App Settings page appears.

- In the Apps you utilize area, be sure that the platform is set to On. If the platform is set to off, click Edit, then click Switch on Platform.

Confirming Privacy Settings

In order for a Facebook post to be automatically published to your Twitter feed, the privacy setting for that post need to be set to Public. To set your default privacy setting for all future posts to Public using the audience selector tool:

- Under Personal privacy Settings, click Privacy. The Privacy Settings and Tools page appears.

- In the Who can see my stuff? section, choose Edit next to Who can see your future posts? The audience selector tool looks like a dropdown menu.
- From the menu, select Public.

You can also use the audience selector tool to set the privacy setting of a private post utilizing the audience selector tool:

- Enter the update in your status upgrade window.
- From the dropdown menu, select Public.
- Click Post.

Keep in mind: The audience selector tool keeps in mind the personal privacy setting that you used for your previous post and uses the very same setting the next time you share something. So, if your last post was a status update that you set to Public, your next post will likewise be set to Public unless you alter the setting prior to your post it.

Linking Your Facebook Account to Twitter

When you have actually validated your app and personal privacy settings, you can link your Facebook profile and any Facebook pages that you have to your Twitter account. To link your accounts:

- In your browser address bar, go to: The Link My Profile to Twitter page appears.

- To connect your Facebook profile to Twitter, click Link My Profile to Twitter.

- To connect any Facebook pages that you have to Twitter, click Link to Twitter beside each page you desire to link. The Authorize Facebook to utilize your account? page appears.

- Enter your Twitter email or username and password in the suitable fields.

- Click License app. App permission may take a few moments. When the authorization is total, a page appears displaying a list of the types of posts that can immediately be published to your Twitter feed.

- Deselect the check box next to any kinds of posts that you DO NOT wish to be automatically posted to Twitter.

- Click Save Modifications. This change works instantly. Any future posts (of the type that you suggested in the previous step) will now be immediately published to Twitter.

Note: The Facebook app DOES NOT have access to your Twitter password or personal messages.

Discontinuing Automatic Twitter Posts

If you ever wish to stop automated Facebook posts to your Twitter feed, there are two various ways you can accomplish this.

If you desire to stop automatic Facebook posts to Twitter, you can disable all kinds of posts or limit it to particular types of posts. To terminate all or just specific kinds of automatic posts:

- In your internet browser address bar, go to: The Link My Profile to Twitter page appears.

- For your Facebook profile and for each Facebook page that you have actually linked to Twitter, deselect the check box for each kind of post that you not wish to be automatically published to Twitter.

- Click Conserve Changes. This change takes effect right away. For each type that you deselected, no future posts will be automatically published to your Twitter feed up until you alter this setting again.

If you wish to terminate all automated Facebook posts to Twitter, you can unlink from Twitter. To do this:

- In your web browser address bar, go to: The Link My Profile to Twitter page appears.

- Click Unlink from Twitter The Link My Profile to Twitter page appears, and your Facebook and Twitter accounts are not linked.

Keep in mind: Following either of the processes above does not block the Facebook app from having access to your Twitter account. If you wish to stop enabling the Facebook app to have access to Twitter, complete the procedure described in the following section.

Revoking Facebook Access to Twitter.

You can also withdraw (or permanently erase) Facebook access to your Twitter account. In this case, your Twitter and facebook accounts will not be linked and posts will not be automatically posted to your Twitter feed. To do this:

- Log in to your Twitter account. Your Twitter home page appears.

- In the upper right corner of the page, click the Settings and help equipment icon.

- Select Settings from the menu.

- Click Apps. A list of applications that have access to your Twitter account appears on the right.

- Find the Facebook application and click Revoke access. Facebook gain access to is now completely revoked. To reverse this and restore Facebook access, click Undo revoke gain access to.

Here are a few tips to assist you get the very best outcomes when producing Facebook posts that will immediately be posted to Twitter:

- If you share a photo on your Facebook page, the post on your Twitter account will show a link to the picture on your Facebook page, not the real image.

- If you share a video on your Facebook page, the post on your Twitter account shows an image of the video with a link to the video on your Facebook page.

- When you utilize a hashtag in a Facebook post that will be immediately posted to
- Twitter, be aware that the hashtag will likewise bring over on the subsequent Twitter post.

- Suggestion: In order for your Facebook post to be immediately published on your Twitter account, the Facebook personal privacy setting for that post should be set to Public.

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