Desktop Facebook Version

The majority of the websites show a mobile variation for users which are browsing site from their mobile phone. Desktop Facebook Version, So whenever you aim to access Facebook through your cellphone, it automatically reroutes you to its mobile variation.

This is done to offer a better interface on a smaller screen and to minimize bandwidth as most of individuals are not using high-speed Web connection on their cellphone.

Desktop Facebook Version

Most sites including Facebook disable specific functions from their mobile variation that they might appear unneeded. So there might be particular scenario when you wish to take advantage of full Facebook website on your smart phone. Here are few methods utilizing which you can access full desktop variation of Facebook on your smartphone.

Direct URL Trick

If you do not utilize chrome/safari browser (that's very rare) then, you can utilize this technique to access Facebook desktop variation on your smart phone. This is a universal method which works for all mobile gadgets.

- Open your web browser and log in to your Facebook account.
- Now in the URL bar get in the following address--
- This must open Facebook desktop version on your mobile phone.

For Android Devices.

In Android devices, It is really simple to change to Facebook desktop variation. All you have to do is log in to your Facebook account using Chrome web browser. When you are visited tap on the settings menu in the leading right corner and choose "Request desktop website".

Now you can access Facebook in desktop variation on your android phone.

Prevent tapping on your House & profile otherwise it will reroute you to Facebook mobile variation. You will be able to see news feed, messages, notices and groups in desktop mode.

For iOS Gadgets.

- Open Safari internet browser and log in to your Facebook account.
- Next tap on the share button, now you will get two menus. Switch to the 2nd menu and swipe to its right.
- Now tap on Demand Desktop site, and Facebook will fill in desktop version.

For Windows Phone.

Similarly, like Chrome and Safari Windows Internet explorer likewise have the alternative to see sites in desktop mode.

- Open your browser and click the choices button (three dots).
- Scroll all the way down and tap on settings.

- Here you will see site preference option, by default it will be on the mobile version.
- Tap on it and change it to desktop variation.

- Now browse to and there you go.
- The only downside of this method is all the sites will open in their desktop version.

Such articles Desktop Facebook Version from my thank you for visiting hope can help you.