Dimensions Of Cover Photo On Facebook

Dimensions Of Cover Photo On Facebook - Have you had a look at your Facebook service page lately-- not simply on your desktop computer or tablet but likewise via your smart device?

Facebook now (Q1 2014) has more than a billion month-to-month active users who go to the website by means of mobile device, representing 79% of overall Facebook active users, so if your Facebook page doesn't look as smart as it should on mobile, you simply could be preventing three-quarters of your potential customers/followers.

Dimensions Of Cover Photo On Facebook

Facebook Cover Image Dimensions Have Actually Changed

The most crucial visual element of your Facebook page is your Cover Image, which sits at the top of the page inviting visitors. Below, you'll see the genuine estate you have to have fun with (we have actually borrowed a template from these fine folks and added a couple of extra bits and pieces of our own).

Looks made complex doesn't it? The bottom line that you have to keep in mind is that the true active location that you need to play with (the area that ought to be safe on both mobile and desktop) is just 563 pixels large by 175 pixels deep.

Yes, it's a fairly small proportion of that seemingly glorious cover area, 851 pixels by 315 pixels, however the rest of your image is at danger of being covered by your profile photo, the title or category of your page or the like, follow and message boxes (except of course for the left and right-hand sides of the image, which simply won't be shown on mobile).

You still have to surround that active area with other imagery that reflects your brand name worths-- however understand that the majority of that real estate is likely to disappear. A mobile visitor will never see it, while a desktop traveller might see only some.

Facebook Cover Images: Before And After.

Here (gulp!) is what our Netmarketing Courses Facebook page, optimised for Facebook's 2013 design, appeared like under these brand-new design parameters. Keep in mind that our subtitle "online training courses for services" was partly obscured by the profile picture.

The mobile view was far even worse:.

So we provided our cover image an extreme remodeling, shedding much of the design aspects in favour of a centred logo design, with the outcome listed below. It won't win any awards but at least it communicates exactly what we do (and we're no longer losing any of the details included in the image).

A fast appearance at the page on mobile shows that we have actually attained our branding objectives there too.

It's time for you to reevaluate at your Facebook page (start with your mobile phone, preferably through the devoted Facebook app) and see if you still scrub up along with you should.

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