Disable Autoplay Facebook

As you might have discovered, Facebook's latest upgrade consists of Disable Autoplay Facebook. Here's how to turn that option off, both for the website and your mobile phone app when you're not utilizing wifi.

We ought to have thought after we checked out the rumors about Facebook looking into video marketing, because that goes hand in hand with the video auto-play feature. And sure enough, after a few weeks, we got verification with the mobile app upgrade.

Disable Autoplay Facebook

Some people may find this helpful, not having to push play on the video in order to enjoy it, however that does not imply that everybody wants videos and adverts to play automatically since, and particularly for mobile apps, this feature uses more data.

Fortunately, there's a way to stop videos from playing instantly. On the website, you can stop it from taking place all the time, while on the mobile apps (Android, iPhone and iPad) you can just turn this function off when you are not using WiFi. Let's see how to do it.

Disable Autoplay Facebook

In the Facebook app on Android, videos begins playing immediately, both on Wi-Fi and Cellular. But you can do as follows to disable Facebook autoplay on Android:.

1. Open Facebook application on your Android phone or tablet.

2. Go to the last tab (the three line icon).

3. Scroll down and under the "Aid & Settings", tap the App Settings choice.

4. Now under the "General Settings", tap the Video Auto-play option.

5. Select "Off" to competently disable the Auto-play function on Facebook for Android, Select "On" to enable the function, or select "Wi-fi only" to make it possible for autoplay function just on Wi-Fi and disable it when using the SIM data.

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