How Can I See if someone Viewed My Facebook Profile

This is a most interesting Facebook technique which assists you to How Can I See If Someone Viewed My Facebook Profile. Many fake apps are spreading out on Facebook with fake details about profile views. We can not state those Facebook profile view statuses are true to think.

Because the majority of those apps are created for marketing and to make money by bring in users. So we are revealing 2 working best techniques for Facebook users to discover who specially communicate more in your profile. These methods will definitely help you to discover the most visited individuals in your Facebook profile.

How Can I See If Someone Viewed My Facebook Profile

First Technique: View Facebook Page Source

Facebook is not giving the option to discover individuals who view your profile, but we can find it manually. Do not think the apps in the Facebook which are offering details about profile views due to the fact that all are spam, and it might spread infection program in your computer. Follow the offered below instructions to discover Facebook profile views.

Step 1

Pick and Open your desired web browser which you feel comfortable to view page source and login to the Facebook account from your computer.

Action 2.

If you are utilizing Google chrome internet browser then it will be easy for you to view Facebook page source due to the fact that view page source alternative is given up the right click of the mouse. Now login to your Facebook account and right click and go to the alternative > view page source.

Action 3.

Your Facebook account source page will appear like the screenshot given listed below.

Action 4.

Now browse the word "FriendsList" in the page source by pushing the buttons control + F (command + F for Mac users).

Step 5.

Your internet browser will reveal the "FriendsList" word from the viewed Facebook page source.

Action 6.

Close to "FriendsList" you can see some string of numbers. Those numbers are the profile id's of individuals who saw your Facebook profile sometimes. I am just showing an example for you to find the most visited individual utilizing those numbers. Simply select a number from that page source and place it in your address bar as like the format offered below.

That's all now you can use the numbers one by one in the address bar and identify who they are. Now we can see another one working trick too to discover profile views.

2nd Technique: Usage Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is the main site of Google produced Web designers to track the visitors in a website or blog easily. Google Analytics also permit users to track our official Facebook pages, but this trick won't enable us to track Facebook profile pages. If you are searching a technique to track your Facebook authorities pages then follow this method.

Step 1.

If you are existing user of Google account then simple for you to sign up in Google Analytics because you no requirement to fill the entire kind. Simply register in it and go to your account and include your Facebook page in the alternative "new web property" and get your tracking id.

Action 2.

Just copy the generated Java script code from the tab "Tracking info" and convert it to HTML utilizing any online Javascript converter tools. Since Facebook does not permit Javascript formats so transform and copy the brand-new code.

Step 3.

Now look for "HTML Box" inside the Facebook account and install it. After installing HTML Box you can see it in apps page or on the Facebook page.

Step 4.

Open that HTML Box and paste your copied modified code it it and choose Confirm or OK. That's all now you completed this approach. Keep track.

If that's all we can tell about How Can I See If Someone Viewed My Facebook Profile I hope this article was helpful thank you.