How to Clear Search History On Facebook

Tutorial to How To Clear Search History On Facebook. Ultimate guide to erase a specific search or erase Facebook Browse History totally from Android or iOS Facebook App

It's no rejecting the fact that each one of us has actually browsed for other users profiles and images at some point of time. Facebook shops all of the searches made by any user on it's server. This search history appears as quickly as one taps on search bar at the top. You may wish to erase search history as somebody can be familiar with about the profiles you have actually been stalking by looking at the list which appears when you tap on the search bar.

Earlier we discussed about the best ways to view and erase Facebook search history from Web and today we are going to share about ways to accomplish the exact same with Facebook mobile App as the majority of the users are utilizing Facebook App instead of Facebook on Web.

How To Clear Search History On Facebook : iOS, Android App.

For this tutorial, I will be utilizing steps and screenshots from Facebook App for iOS variation 59.0. Much like the previous guides I have written, I would like to mention the exact same for this tutorial too that actions are fundamentally the same for Android app too with minor distinctions. So now let's begin with deleting our Facebook search history.

How To Clear Search History On Facebook

Technique 1: Utilizing Activity Log.

1. Open Facebook App on your smartphone and visit your profile. To go to your profile on iOS app, tap on More at bottom ideal corner of screen and choose your Call at the top.

2. Under your profile, choose Activity Log. You can discover it simply below your profile image as shown listed below.

3. Activity Log reveals you the history of all the activities you have done on Facebook. To specifically look for search activities select Filter at the top.

4. Activity Log Choices will come up. Under this scroll down and select Browse.

5. Now all the Facebook search history will be revealed. To clear particular searches tap on x symbol to the right of every search information.

6. To erase Facebook search History entirely select Clear Searches at the top under Filter. Select Confirm, to erase all your Searches on Facebook.

With this all your search history is gotten rid of. Lets take a look at the 2nd technique.

Technique 2: From Search Bar.

This is a slightly much shorter method than the previous technique.

1. Tap on Browse bar at the top of the app.

2. Your search history would be revealed and at leading right you must find Edit. Select it.

3. This will take you the Fifth step of Approach 1 where all the searches you have actually done till now will be shown.

4. Now much like technique 1, you may either use x to right of search to eliminate specific search or select Clear Searches to get rid of all Facebook search history.

These were the two techniques which would assist you out when you wish to delete Facebook search history from Facebook app. Let us know if you deal with any issues.

If that's all we can tell about How To Clear Search History On Facebook I hope this article was helpful thank you.