How to I Tag someone In A Facebook Post

How To I Tag Someone In A Facebook Post - Facebook is great place for sharing your views, ideas and other memorable minutes with individuals throughout the globe. Countless statuses are posted and pictures and videos are shared on daily basis.

Due to this big number of posts the news-feed of Facebook get full and individuals end up being unable to read and see every status or image in their news-feed. Sometimes our crucial posts get less action from the individuals even if our posts come down in news feed any people are not able to check them.

How To I Tag Someone In A Facebook Post

So if you have a great deal of friends and household in your profile and you desire all them to be engaged with your posts and react. You have the only option to tag them in the post. But the problem is that it is near to difficult to tag all your buddies in a post. It is very much time consuming.

So for satisfying your this desire to tag all your good friends in a status within no time I have actually included a terrific trick. With which you can tag all the buddies you are having in your profile with simply a single click.

With this technique you can have hundreds of likes and talk about every of your post and can end up being really popular in your friends and household.

The best ways to Mention All Friends into Status/post/comment: here are the steps ...

Note:- This Script Just Able to Mention buddies into text status with no image.

1. Log in to your Facebook account then go to the specific post where you wish to mention all your good friends.

2. Then open your status into a new tab that only that particular post should be noticeable.

3. Now Click on link below and copy the script code from there.

Script Code: >> > CLICK ON THIS LINK.

4. After copy the complete code, go to that tab where you had actually opened your specific post.

5. Now press F12 button and open the Inspect element box.

6. After that go to the 'console tab' and press CTRL+V to paste the code you had actually copied and struck the get in button and await few minutes.

Keep in mind: For Firefox users generally browser blocks its operating therefore simply in case if it doesn't works then examine security location merely prior to HTTPS and if for that reason block message then enable them.

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