How to Make My Facebook Page Private

How To Make My Facebook Page Private - Facebook is a marvellous tool for communicating with old pals, family and anyone else you care to talk with. However that digital freedom can come at an expense: your personal privacy. Fortunately there are methods to guarantee only individuals you wish to see your Facebook profile can-- unless of course somebody understands your password.

How To Make My Facebook Page Private

The procedure of making your Facebook personal is really fairly pain-free once you familiarise yourself with the progressively bloated user-interface. So where do you begin? Keep reading.

At the page's Admin Panel, click the fall arrow to the right of "Edit Page"

Click "Manage Permissions"

The first function listed on the next screen is "Page Visibility".

Check: "Unpublish page".

Because I just spent about 40 minutes looking for these simple actions, I figured I 'd make another person's life much easier.

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