Post Video to Facebook

Facebook get typical rules users on upload Video or Picture from iPhone/ iPad. Here I went over the all believes exactly what's that and how we can use or change it. Also essential for those who experienced low video quality on HD screen or Streaming to other platform from iOS gadget, Due to bandwidth Optimization and Low Data usages on upload Video or Image in your Facebook account, By Default HD video and Photo disable, That user can allow in alternate methods. Post Video To Facebook, Likewise mind the Upload HD video on Facebook settings is gadget specific, Not applicable at all (Other Gadget or Web).

Post Video To Facebook

Keep allow both setting on your iPhone/ iPad, before you begin publishing high quality media recorded or tape-recorded on HD cam.

Also check your electronic camera settings, set it on high video camera resolution. Conserve it and Upload HD video on Facebook. Otherwise Stream live recording or Upload video using Facebook Video camera.

Actions for Enable Upload HD Video on Facebook iOS app: HD Photos also.

All Settings should be made it possible for on your iOS device, alternatively you can use it but I suggested enable at both alternatives.

1: Go to the Settings app on iPhone/ iPad.

2: Scroll Screen, Find Social app area in list.

3: Tap on Facebook,.

4: See my iPhone screen, Facebook app installed so it's showing Set up.

5: Next Tap on Settings > Scroll Down and Enable Upload HD toggle under Video area.

That's it. Likewise you must go for another app settings show in below.

Allow Upload HD Photos and Video from Facebook app.

1: Launch Facebook App on iPhone/ iPad.

2: From underneath tabs strip tap on more setting icon.

3: Next, Tap on Settings > Account Settings from Popup.

4: Then, Tap on Videos and Images.

Allow Upload HD Toggle under both Video and Photos area.

More Extremely helpful Facebook app settings there, Stop auto play FB video. Choose that and Change that you want.

List of all supported Facebook Video Format is here.

After allowed HD Video or Photo you will feel experience, by taking more time to upload it on your account. To make faster upload process, Repeat above steps and Disable Upload HD video on Facebook and HD Picture too.

Such articles Post Video To Facebook from my thank you for visiting hope can help you.