Save A Video From Facebook

Save A Video From Facebook | Here is an easy trick to download Facebook videos. I have tested this web browser trick using Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer and it deals with all. There is no need for software downloads, internet browser plugins or any complicated tutorials discussing the best ways to download Facebook videos, this browser technique is performed in 3 easy steps. Lets begins ...

Save A Video From Facebook

Step 1-- Click and begin seeing the video link you wish to download from Facebook.

You will need to login to your Facebook account first, even if the video you wish to download is public.

Normally Facebook video links look just like these:

It does not matter which kind of link (long or short) you see in your browsers deal with bar due to the fact that we are going to make a very easy modification to the start of the URL What I desire you to do is alter or replace the letters www to m so that any of the Facebook video links begin with or a fine example is.

( see the m at the start instead of www).

Now with the brand-new video URL changed simply struck return on your keyboard or click go. This will take us to Step 2.

Step 2-- Right-click and choose your "Conserve As" method on the Facebook mobile video page.

With the video now packed in your browser you need to be seeing a mobile version of Facebook. I want you to right-click in the area around the video and choose "Conserve As" or "Conserve link as" etc.

Do not right-click on the video photo thumbnail as this will just allow you to save the video still image. I have actually found the simplest method is to right click the video title and choose "Save As" and so on. Describe the image below-- Green area readies, Red location is not good.

Action 3-- Save the Facebook video.mp4 to your computer system.

Your computer must now prompt you to save the file, it will have a file name much like this 123456789012. mp4.

You can relabel it or wait as is. Your Facebook video is now saved to your computer system.

Thus the article Save A Video From Facebook thank you visiting from me hopefully can help you.