Unfriending On Facebook without them Knowing

Unfriending On Facebook Without Them Knowing, Many of my buddies on Facebook are amazing, however there are a couple that I do not wish to follow any longer, and one who has the tendency to publish offensive comments. How can I eliminate them as my friend, and will they understand I've eliminated them?

You can remove buddies from your Facebook account at any time utilizing the guidelines below, and the good news is that your friend will not be notified that you've eliminated them (and neither will your other pals).

Unfriending On Facebook Without Them Knowing

Here's how to unfriend or eliminate somebody from your Facebook account:


The easiest way to find your buddy on Facebook is to click "Friends" on the Facebook menu at the top of your screen, then click "All Friends".

Updated In the present version of Facebook, you can find your buddies listed under your profile page.

There you can look through all your buddies, and can also browse for your friend by first and last name.


When you have actually found your buddy and are viewing their profile, scroll down the page and search in the left side bar for a link entitled "Eliminate from Friends" (or just "Pals" in the current version).

Click this link, and you'll be asked to confirm that you actually desire to remove this person as a Facebook good friend.

Facebook will not send them an e-mail notification, and your decision to eliminate them as a good friend will go undetected (unless they try to view your profile or contact you, where case they'll see the "Add as a Good friend" link and recognize that they're no longer your pal).

That's all it requires to unfriend somebody on Facebook, and if you alter your mind then it's simple to include them once again as a buddy.

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