Who Looks at My Facebook Profile

Welcome to my First blog site, this particular blog site will merely be on the best ways to Who Looks At My Facebook Profile

Who Looks At My Facebook Profile

1. Open Your Online search engine and enter Facebook

2. Open Facebook and Go To Your Account Page!

3. Right Click the Page and Press View Page Source.

4. Press Ctrl (Windows) F Command (Mac) F Then Type "InitialChatFriendsList" without the quotes.

5. When Finished Step 4, Notice the Strip of Numbers in the brackets next to Initial Chat Buddies List, and Copy the strip of numbers, they are in order from the majority of viewed to least viewed.

6. As soon as You Have Actually Copied the Strip Numbers (Control C Windows) (Command C Mac) open your browser and type" www.facebook.com/" NumbersYouCopied"" Right after www.facebook.com/ You will paste the numbers after the slash without a space, then press enter.


Thus the article Who Looks At My Facebook Profile from us, hopefully useful thank you.