Www Facebook Com Login Home Page M

Www Facebook Com Login Home Page M | Facebook there isn't really a person who is unaware of this word in today's world.Facebook was Discovered on February 4th 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook's objective is to provide individuals the power to share and make the world more open and connected.It's a social networking website connecting people throughout the world who are thousands of miles far from each other.Facebook allows us to make Pals online with whom we can have a chat, share our ideas, images and numerous more.

Initially Facebook supported only text chat now we can even send out files like Text Documents, Pictures, Videos which are under 25 MB.Facebook is offered to all the users worldwide who are above 13 Years although Proofs not required.Facebook is ending up being so popular that it has over 829 million everyday active users and 1.32 billion regular monthly active users on an average in June 2014 which is a Significant Figure!!!

Www Facebook Com Login Home Page M

Mark Zuckerberg wrote a program called Facemash which is the predecessor of Facebook when he was in his Second year in Harvard University.In in the earlier days Facebook is just like a "HOT or NOT" video game where 2 persons photos will be place side by side and you have select whose Hot and Whose Not.People liked it really much and after that he considered constructing a social networking site called Facebook which was available to just Harvard college student earlier.Later he made it available for other universities and high schools and now its offered all over the world.

Facebook initially login page:.

In 2004 facebook's first ever login page looked like this!!! Ever since Facebook included numerous Functions and updates to keep their users brought in a few of them are listed below.

Facebook New Features:.

- Facebook introduced Chart search in july 2013 utilizing which users can connect within their network quickly and for responses to queries like pictures of my pals before 2005.

- Facebook Seen option has become the most popular function of all with this you can understand whether the recipient of your message has seen it or not.

- Advanced Chat Settings, using this function we can turn on chat for just chosen people whom we are interested in and similarly switch off chat for selected people who irritate us.

- Picture Remarks has acquired a great deal of importance nowadays even pages were produced for such photo remarks.

- Facebook Groups with wanted personal privacy settings like open close and secret where people having exact same career interests hangout.

- You might not agree but the majority of us would be online to look out for some amusing things in the Facebook Pages.

- Status Update with the features like Who are you with( Tagging pals), Where are you( check-in your place), Exactly what are you doing( Enjoying, Eating, and so on).

- Even when you are offline you can get all your messages and notifications to your mobile by allowing Mobile Notifications.

- Facebook Emoticons and smileys copy the following code for various smileys in your facebook chat/comments area.

Facebook Signup and Login:.

Do not have a Facebook account till now?? cool no concerns ... If you haven't yet registered with FB here's a small demo on how to signup with facebook.

- Browse for FB/Facebook site in google or else click on this link FACEBOOK.
- You can see a login page as shown below.

- Get in the details requested for registration and click signup.
- Thats it you are done with the signup process. Happy Facebooking.

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