How to Block someone From A Facebook Page

Today in this post I will tell you how you can block and unclog someone on Facebook. Couple of days back somebody near me obstructed me on Facebook I am actually feeling extremely unfortunate and truly wanted that individual to remove that block. So I have actually made this post so if that individual (or anyone of Facebook) doesn't understand how he or she (you) can remove so please read this and remove it, How To Block Someone From A Facebook Page.

In Facebook lots of people want to obstruct someone but have no idea how they can and even there are individuals who have actually obstructed somebody in upset and now wish to unclog them however have no idea how so here is a way how you can obstruct and unclog anybody on Facebook.

How To Block Someone From A Facebook Page

How you can block somebody

1. Go to
2. Login to your account
3. Now go to the profile which you wish to obstruct
4. Scroll down and in the left hand side column you will see composed Report/Block This Individual
5. Click on it (Report/Block This Individual).
6. Now select Block this individual box.
7. Then click on Submit button.

Now that profile is block now that individual with that profile cannot contact you through Facebook, can't see your profile, it resembles for that profile your profile do not exist anymore and also if you that persion is added in your buddy list will get erased. Very same requests you (who have obstructed). Till you do not eliminate it from block list.

Hope nobody needed to use this (How you can block somebody) and hope who ever got block till now get unblock.

Here how you can get rid of someone from block list.
1. Go to
2. Login to your account.
3. Now go to Account (top-right corner)-- > Privacy Settings.

4. There at the middle-bottom of the page you will see composed "Block Lists Edit your lists of blocked people and apps.".
5. Click Edit your lists.
6. Now search for the name you have blocked and want to unclog under Block users.
7. Beside that name you will see written Unblock click on it.
8. Then click on Conform button.

Once you obstructed somebody that individual get eliminate from your buddy list so you need to resend the Include as Friends request. Hope now whoever is block now will get unblock.

Thus the article How To Block Someone From A Facebook Page thank you visiting from me hopefully can help you.