Dimensions Of A Facebook Cover Photo

The current updates to Facebook's personal and company page layouts have presented the ability for users to include a profile photo and cover picture for each of their pages. The addition of both a cover photo and profile picture offers you opportunities to highlight your company's logo in addition to another photo that highlights another area of your company, Dimensions Of A Facebook Cover Photo. While practically any image can be used as your profile or cover photo, sticking to the recommended sizes for the images avoids your profile and cover photos from being modified or distorted.

Dimensions Of A Facebook Cover Photo


Profile Picture Dimensions

A profile picture containing your business's logo design need to measure at least 180 by 180 pixels to fulfill Facebook's upload requirements. As soon as submitted, the picture is resized to 160 by 160 pixels and put within a 170 by 170 field, providing a little border in between your profile image and cover photo. Pictures bigger than 180 by 180 pixels are scaled down to fit within the profile template.

Cover Photo Dimensions

The Facebook cover image location is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. Photos uploaded for use as a cover image must be at least 399 pixels wide. Like profile images, these photos are resized to adhere to the cover picture template if they are smaller than the 851 pixel width.

Cover photos exceeding the length and width requirements are not resized and show just a portion of the image relative to the 851-by-315-pixel from. The cover photo might be repositioned to show the wanted section of the image.

Impacts of Resizing

Depending upon the quality and resolution of the photos utilized on your Facebook page, the process of modifying your picture to fit within the frame of the profile and cover picture fields might distort graphic logos or impact the legibility of text elements within your logo. Facebook suggests conserving logo designs in the lossless PNG format to keep quality and keep legibility of your logo design.

Reducing the Results of Resizing

To reduce the results of resizing, it is best to start with an uncompressed image straight from a digital source such as a video camera or the job file from your photo-editing software. Export your image to fit within the 180-by-180-pixel or 851-by-315-pixel frame.

Resizing your image in a photo-editor to the suggested Facebook measurements produces a picture of the greatest quality. Conserve your resized image in a lossless format, such as BMP or PNG. While bigger than compressed formats such as JPEG, lossless formats do not eliminate any visual information from an image, which avoids problems such as distortion and graininess when converted by Facebook for usage as a profile or cover picture.

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