Facebook Full Site Home Page

Facebook is no various. Though their mobile app on iOS and Android features many of the very same abilities as the desktop version of Facebook, lots of opt to access Facebook through the internet browser on their mobile phone to save space or resources on their phone's internal storage, Facebook Full Site Home Page. It's obvious Facebook's app takes up a great deal of space-- and memory-- on your phone, and the mobile website can be a faster or simpler way to access your social eat the go.

Facebook Full Site Home Page

Sadly, Facebook's mobile browser site is a bit more minimal than the app in regards to abilities. Even accessing your messages is hard, if not difficult, from the web browser website, and altering your settings or hiding posts from your news feed can be absolutely nothing brief of worsening.

If you're fed up with the limitations facing you while using the Facebook mobile website-- or you need to alter a setting you can't alter from the mobile view inside your browser-- you remain in luck. Both Android and iOS permit you to easily change between Facebook's mobile and desktop variations of the website with a single option. You can even bookmark the desktop version of the site for usage whenever you require it.

Let's break down just what you have to do to access the complete desktop version of Facebook right from your iPhone or Android gadget. There are two methods to loading the desktop site on your phone. The very first involves typing in a particular web address to your browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.), and can be done on any device, no matter your operating system choice.

1. For Stock Android Browsers

This technique to view desktop FB on internet browser deals with all stock Android internet browsers along with on some other browsers like Dolphin, Quick and so on.

Action 1. In the address bar of the web browser, type," about: debug" and Get in.

Action 2. Now open Internet browser Menu => More => Settings.

Action 3. Scroll down and click UAString.

Action 4. By default, UAString is set to Android, change it to Desktop.

Action 5. Now you can load the FB site completely variation on your Android gadget.

2. For Other Web browsers like Chrome or Mozilla

Action 1. Open FB site on chrome or Mozilla internet browser.

Action 2. Now click three dots on ideal top or menu option on the web browser.

Action 3. Now try to find the option named Desktop View or Desktop. Enable the Desktop view.

Action 4. Refill the Facebook site and enjoy the desktop variation with full loaded features.

3. For UC Web browser

Just go to Settings => Browser Settings => Website Preferences.

Now under Google select Desktop and enjoy the full website of facebook.

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