How to View Friendship On Facebook

How To View Friendship On Facebook, Long time back Facebook introduced a feature by which you can see relationship between you and your pal. Later they extended it to see relationship in between your friends but do you know that you can likewise use this to see relationship and shared friends or likes in between any two people on Facebook doesn't matter if they are in your good friend's list or not? Let's see how you can do this.

How To View Friendship On Facebook

The standard connect to see the relationship between two good friends is this:

where Sauravjit and aditya.kane are the usernames of me and my pal.

Now suppose that I want to see friendship in between 2 individuals who are on Facebook however they are not pals say profile.1 and profile.2 (both are usernames of the respective profiles). For that I simply have to replace Sauravjit with profile.1 and aditya.kane with profile.2 and it will reveal relationship between the two.

What is a username?

Username is a special name or ID of every profile on Facebook. You can discover anyone's username on Facebook by opening his/her profile and see the link in address bar. The text after will be the username of that profile. For instance the link of my profile is:, so my username is Sauravjit.

Use of checking friendship in between two individuals?

Using this technique will help you if you wish to see shared friends or likes or even tagged pictures between any 2 people on Facebook depending upon the personal privacy level of that profile.

If it's not revealing any information then either the friends/photos are locked or there is no shared material between the two. I hope this trick will help a few of our readers who love to examine random profiles of buddies.

How to Celebrate Friendship on Facebook

Using the On This Day Function

1. Browse to your News Feed upon your computer or gadget. Visit to Facebook with your username and password. Logging in must immediately take you to your News Feed. You can also click either "House" or the Facebook logo design on the top bar of the Facebook site.

  • For the mobile device site or Facebook app, click the News Feed logo in the top or bottom left of your screen.

2. Click "On This Day" on the left hand side of your screen. On This Day is listed under the "Check out" tab on the site. It must have to do with midway down your screen.

  • For the mobile phone website or Facebook app, click on the three bars tab to find the On This Day page. It'll be listed under "Apps" or "Explore.".

3. View your memories from the day and select one to share. On This Day will list examples of your Facebook activity from this date because you became a Facebook user. At the bottom of the page, you'll likewise see other memories Facebook believes you may delight in. Try to find a "Share" button at the bottom of each post. You can then choose who you want to share the material with.

  • If the post was originally personal, you won't be able to share it. This is why you will not see a "Share" choice on some posts.

  • Sharing an On This Day post will make it appear on the News Feeds of whoever you decide to share it with. You can likewise tag buddies in the post and state something about the memory when you share it.

  • Just you will see On This Day posts unless you share them.

4. Share an anniversary video on the day you became Facebook friends. Periodically, On This Day will inform you that you became Facebook buddies with someone on this date a particular number of years back. When that occurs, Facebook might make a video assembling examples of your Facebook interaction and friendship. This post is extra special, and you should share it to show your friend how thrilled you are about your friendship!

  • Be aware that Facebook just immediately generates these videos for buddies you get in touch with a lot. They will not come up for everyone. [4]

  • Sadly, anniversary videos aren't readily available all the time. The videos will also instantly delete at the end of the day.

5. Filter your memories if you want to. Often, Facebook may inadvertently celebrate minutes you 'd rather forget. On This Day gives you the alternative to omit specific individuals and dates from the feature. Just click on "Preferences" once you're on the On This Day page and choose the individuals and/or dates you do not desire Facebook to commemorate. [5]

  • Nobody however you requires to understand that you have actually excluded them from this feature. Your good friend won't get an online notification that you've made this choice.

Examining Your News Feed.

1. Refresh your News Feed every day. A lot of On This Day features and other memory recaps will appear in your News Feed. To make sure you do not miss a chance to commemorate a relationship, examine your feed when each day.

2. Share a recap of memories put together by Facebook. At the top of your Feed, you might occasionally see that Facebook has put together a collection of memories from the previous month, year, or season. These collections will usually consist of images that you have actually either posted or been tagged in. Each memory recap consists of an option to share at the bottom of the post. [6]

  • You can also include a message like "I had such a fantastic summertime costs time with my good friends Kayla and Emma!".

3. Check to see if you have a celebratory message from Facebook. Facebook may likewise let you understand when you have actually reached a new and amazing criteria with your Facebook buddies. These messages will also appear at the top of your News Feed. For now, just you can see these events. However if you desire to share them, take a screenshot and publish a photo!

  • These benchmarks may be something like making 100 Facebook buddies or having good friends like your posts 1000 times.

  • Facebook may eventually make these celebrations shareable too.

4. Stay up to date on Facebook's new features. Facebook is continuously creating new methods to celebrate your friendship utilizing their website or app. On This Day is just 2 years of ages! To be sure you're keeping up to this day, Google "brand-new Facebook functions" on a monthly basis or two.

Hopefully this short article How To View Friendship On Facebook has given you further insight into the Facebook.